The Sims 4’s latest free update introduces polyamory

Sims players will soon be able to determine jealousy and boundaries around polyamory.
sims 4 polyamory free update

The Sims 4‘s Lovestruck Expansion Pack is set to launch on 25 July 2024, and as is tradition, it will be accompanied by a new, free update introducing fresh features for all players. Those who want the full Lovestruck experience will be able to purchase the Expansion Pack to gain dating mechanics, as well as new clothing and decoration items, careers, fears, and aspirations. Those who don’t fork out will still get one of the pack’s biggest features: polyamory.

As part of the Lovestruck update, all players will gain access to a new “Romantic Boundaries” system that allows them to set jealousy levels and boundaries around Sims dating multiple Sims. Currently, a Sim who begins dating another Sim while already in a relationship is treated very negatively – the spurned Sim will become heartbroken, and may start a fight. Much of the drama around Sims revolves around relationship status, and current bounds make it impossible to have a truly polyamorous relationship.

That will now change, as players will be able to determine low or no jealousy levels for Sims, allowing multiple consenting Sims to be in relationships at once.

“You can now define how your Sims approach romantic relationships in terms of physical and emotional romantic exclusivity,” EA and Maxis announced in their latest blog. “This allows for Sims to date multiple Sims without impact to other relationships.”

The situation around polyamorous relationships in The Sims 4 may change drastically, should marriage come into play, but at this stage, EA and Maxis have not confirmed how this will shake up relationship dynamics. It could be that polyamorous Sims will be able to continue their relationships while one pair of the polycule is married – but we’ll have to wait to see how that plays out in the game.

the sims 4 lovestruck
Image: EA / Maxis

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The Sims 4: Lovestruck – Major Features

Beyond polyamory, the latest Sims 4 Expansion Pack is also set to shake up the wider world of romance in the game. As announced, Lovestruck is all about spreading the love. It will introduce a form of “online” dating for keen Sims, Turn-Ons and Turn-Offs like in The Sims 2, and new opportunities to find love as you roam “three lush neighbourhoods that exude charm and romance to make every intimate encounter unforgettable.”

In each neighbourhood, you’ll find cosy spots for dates – including some special Singles Hangout Lots, which are special areas that attract singles eligible for dating.

Beyond these key features, players can also expect new dating interactions, a special dynamic system to determine how your relationship is defined, and a new Romance Skill that can be levelled up for easier, smoother romantic interactions. As with other Expansion Packs, Lovestruck will also arrive with love-themed furniture, clothing, and other CAS items.

You can learn more about the latest update and expansion pack for The Sims 4 on the EA website.

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