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The Sims 4: Lovestruck Expansion Pack revealed in major leak

The Sims 4: Lovestruck will reintroduce some classic Sims 2 features, while paving the path for better romances.
the sims 4 lovestruck expansion pack

Fans of The Sims 4 are incredibly intrepid – and incredibly nosy. Every few months, EA and Maxis announce a new expansion pack or kit for the game, and shortly afterwards, every little detail has been posted online. In this latest case, The Sims 4: Lovestruck has been fully revealed by fans, with the main features of the upcoming expansion shared online, via snooping in the EA backend. The details presented are very tantalising, and we have leaker Anadius to thank for them.

Update: The official version of this information has now been released publicly, confirming the details of the early leak. You can check out the EA website for more details.

Per new information, Lovestruck is reportedly set to be revealed later in June 2024, with a full release set for 25 July 2024. When the expansion pack arrives, players will be able to dive in with a range of romance and flirting-focussed features that enhance Sim relationships. Notably, one of the features leaked by Anadius is a returning Sims 2 favourite – Sims will soon be able to select their own turn-ons and turn-offs, to help find the ideal partner.

Here’s what else players can expect in The Sims 4: Lovestruck.

The Sims 4: Lovestruck – Major Features

As detailed by Anadius, The Sims 4: Lovestruck is all about customising and personalising your Sim romances. This includes the introduction of new custom dates, where players set their own venue, activities, and goals, and a new Tinder-like phone app that will help Sims set these dates. You’ll be able to make an About Me page for your Sim, choose their displayed traits, and add in age preference, sexual orientation, and other details to find their ideal match.

Sims will also have new means to interact with their partners, via new romance interactions and objects. One of these new objects is a costume box, which presumably allows roleplay, and there are also new treat boxes, and a “Romantic Blanket” for warm interactions.

Lovestruck will also introduce a new death type! It sounds like Sims will now be able to die of a broken heart if they experience too much heartache at once.

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To temper this potential disaster, you’ll need to ensure your Sim relationships are steady and stable, by paying attention to new Romance Dynamics, traits, and those aforementioned turn-ons and turn-offs. Romance Dynamics will determine the flow of a Sim relationship, and whether it’s wholesome, steamy, or unpredictable. Turn-ons and Turn-offs will determine your Sims’ attraction to another, and these include bounds for fashion, activities, characteristics, and more.

the sims 4 lovestruck new features
Image: EA/Maxis

Two new traits will also determine how your Sims will build relationships – a Lovebug Sim will be enthusiastic about finding love, while a Romantically Reserved Sim will be more cautious. In addition to these traits, Sims will also be able to “master the art of romance” with a new skill line for flirting and love. New aspirations – Romantic Explorer and Paragon Partner – will provide goals for pursing a life of love.

In addition to these features, The Sims 4: Lovestruck will also introduce a new Romance Consultant Career, the Singles Hangout Lot Trait for creating flirty venues, and the ability for Sims to easily hang out and flirt openly with other Sims while they’re out on the town.

At this stage, EA and Maxis are yet to confirm the leak – but given Lovestruck is seemingly set for reveal in June, it’s likely we won’t have to wait long for proper news. There’s plenty of excitement around the newly-revealed details for the pack, but it’s always best to wait for the official announcement before getting too rabid. Stay tuned for more on The Sims 4‘s latest expansion.

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