The Sims 4 gets crystals and jewellery crafting in new Stuff Pack

The Sims 4 Crystal Creations Stuff Pack introduces new ways to interact with crystals and gems.
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EA and Maxis have officially announced the new Sims 4 Crystal Creations Stuff Pack, an add-on that introduces new collectible crystals, and the ability for your Sims to create and “power up” crystal jewellery.

As detailed, the new pack will introduce a Gemology Skill which will “have your Sim collecting an assortment of colourful Crystals and Metals to customise stellar creations that can affect Sims’ moods, relationships, careers and lives.”

While crystals, gems, and metals are included in the base game, and new variants are available in various expansion packs, Crystal Creations will add in more functionality, as Sims will now be able to cut their crystals, shape them into wearable jewellery, and also charge crystals with moonlight to unlock mood boosts and other effects.

According to a press release, there are over 1,000 permutations for crafted jewels in this Stuff Pack, with better items unlocked by improving the Gemology skill. Sims will start out cutting basic gemstones, and then move onto fancier engagement rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. Metals, which can be found throughout The Sims 4, can also be welded into these creations for a spot of flair.

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When you’re not enjoying new crafting mechanics in this pack, you’ll be able to spend your time “charging” crystals with moonlight energy. Once charged, crystals can influence Sim relationships, emotions and in-game progress, with each crystal having its own impact. While not quite witchcraft, this system sounds very close – and should provide a hint of magic for the everyday lives of your Sims.

As with other Stuff Packs, Crystal Creations will additionally come with a range of new Create-A-Sim features (with new accessories designed by modder Arethabee), and new items for Build/Buy Mode. In the trailer for the game, we spotted a number of snazzy new furniture items which should create a cosy home atmosphere – moonlight-themed tapestries and wallpaper, decorative gems, new mirrors, a witchy bookshelf, new artwork, and more.

sims 4 crystal creations stuff pack
Image: EA / Maxis

While not a fully-fledged expansion, it does appear the upcoming Crystal Creations Stuff Pack arrives with plenty of goodies, and a whole new way to play the game (much like the excellent Home Chef Hustle). Keep an eye out for more information as this pack heads for release.

The Sims 4 Crystal Creations Stuff Pack is set to arrive for PC and consoles on 29 February 2024.

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