The Sims 4 now has a dedicated team of bug exterminators

EA and Maxis are looking to overhaul The Sims 4, and introduce new stability with a variety of fixes.
sims 4 bug fixes

For years now, The Sims 4 has been plagued with odd bugs impacting a variety of game mechanics and new expansions. Game pack My Wedding Stories had a variety of issues that prevented weddings from running smoothly. Some players who purchased For Rent noted issues with building multi-dwelling lots, and having Sims share their living spaces. These issues have been compounded with each new game releases, as code on top of new code caused disruptions for gameplay.

Now, EA and Maxis have announced the formation of a dedicated team to tackle ongoing player concerns and reduce the amount of technical issues facing The Sims 4.

“This newly formed and focused team means we’ll be able to increase both the number of fixes and the frequency with which we ship these batched updates,” the Sims Team wrote on Twitter / X. The first release of this batch will arrive by the end of May 2024, with “others to follow roughly every two months.”

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Alongside these fixes, the team will also work on improving the core experience of The Sims 4 with a variety of performance updates and optimisations for PC and consoles. In future, this hopefully means fewer game crashes and “more responsive simulation” – although we’ll have to wait to see what’s in store.

“Our team is more dedicated than ever to developing great The Sims 4 gameplay experience into the foreseeable future, and we appreciate your support as these critical improvements roll out,” the Sims Team said.

What bug fixes are coming to The Sims 4?

As part of its announcement, EA and Maxis have revealed a “laundry list” of major bug fixes coming to The Sims 4. Based on the announced details and the Sims Team’s pledge, we can expect the following general fixes to land by the end of May 2024:

  • Clean up for UI bugs, like extraneous messages popping up, and skills not staying in order.
  • Dishes in corners will now be cleaned up, rather than ignored.
  • Weeds will be easier to manage.
  • Campires will cause fewer fires.
  • Sims won’t get stuck in the ground as often.
  • Customisable pronouns will be adjusted so they appear correctly.
  • Pets will have improved travel routes.
  • Hatchable/spoiled eggs will no longer disappear.
  • Dine Out will get a range of fixes to streamline restaurant interactions.
  • Nose ring and brow piercing compatibility will be fixed.
  • For Rent will get a range of fixes to improve property ownership and tourist locations.
  • Aliens will now age more accurately.
  • Growing Together milestones will be fixed.
  • “Teens cannot send flirty messages to adults or household family members.” – This is probably the most important fix of the entire lot, let’s be real.
  • Sims will no longer autonomously wish to buy mini goats.
  • Nectar value will be more accurate when selling to the mysterious rancher.
  • Mermaids will get some fixes.
  • The Gallery area will also get fixes and tweaks.

Stay tuned to hear about additional bug fixes and improvements coming to The Sims 4.

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