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Everything announced during Behind The Sims: Episode 1

Babies will be unleashed from their bassinets when The Sims 4 expands in March 2023.
babies sims 4 update

During the latest Behind The Sims showcase, EA and Maxis revealed more about the future of The Sims franchise, including The Sims 5 / Project Rene, and the previously-announced ‘Infants’ update for The Sims 4. A brand new game patch was also detailed, with new, inclusive features arriving in the game shortly.

Here’s everything announced during Behind The Sims: Episode 1 in February 2023.

Project Rene (The Sims 5) will have multiplayer

The first playtests for Project Rene, also known as The Sims 5, have taken place – and while many of the details shared are likely under embargo, EA and Maxis are now talking more about the game.

According to developers, the playtests focussed largely on furniture customisation. Rene will allow players to control patterns, colours, materials, parts, shapes, and sizes of furniture, unlike in past Sims games. There will also be free rotation and movement of objects, allowing for unique placements, and more creative setups.

the sims 4 infants babies update 2023
Image: EA / Maxis

In a blog post, it was also confirmed that there will be a ‘social play’ aspect to the experience:

‘Players can design an apartment together, opening up new ways to play, tell stories, and build dream creations,’ EA and Maxis confirmed. ‘Project Rene is a place for you to explore life with The Sims and also share a wide variety of experiences with trusted friends, if you want, when you want.’

While details of this multiplayer mode, and whether it will extend to regular Sims gameplay beyond room customisation, are not confirmed, these details are extremely exciting. The Sims has not had a true multiplayer mode since The Sims Online launched in 2002.

We welcome new updates as Project Rene expands.

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The Sims 4: Infants arrive on 14 March

infants sims 4
Image: EA / Maxis

During the latest Behind The Sims showcase, the long-awaited Infants update was finally dated – it will launch for PC and consoles on 14 March 2023.

‘Yes, yes, we’re finally freeing the baby,’ EA and Maxis announced. ‘The team has been reimagining The Sims that players know and love with even more ways to play, bringing a new life stage, Infants, to Simmers on March 14.’

This update will allow Sims to interact with their baby properly, dressing them up, customising them, teaching them new skills, and playing with them. The feature has been long-requested by fans, and will add a new dimension to raising a family in the game.

At this stage, it appears Infants will be part of a free base game update for everyone.

The Infants announcement was followed by a tease for the arrival of a new family, known as The Michaelsons. It appears they will be part of a new, yet-to-be-revealed expansion (rumoured to be a new version of Generations) – although we’ll learn more about these characters on 2 February 2023.

The Sims Mobile and The Sims Freeplay get new updates

Briefly, EA and Maxis also shared new content updates coming to The Sims Mobile and The Sims Freeplay. Both games will get new events and rewards over the next month – including a Treasure Hunt for The Sims Mobile (featuring new anniversary-themed items).

The Sims Freeplay will also get new in-game music tracks, and a third area will be added to the Sims Springs desert map in April 2023.

The Sims 4: Inclusive CAS content available in new update

behind the sims summit january 2023
Image: EA / Maxis

Following the latest Behind The Sims showcase, EA and Maxis announced a fresh base game update for The Sims 4 – and this one includes a range of great features.

For one thing, it will add in Light Switches, and allow players to customise UI placement and cursor sizing on consoles, as well as add in console build mode improvements. More importantly, it will also add a range of inclusive Create-A-Sim features to better represent all players.

After downloading the new update, Sims 4 players will be able to equip a range of medical wearables, including glucose monitors and hearing aids. They’ll also be able to place a Top Surgery Scar on transgender Sims, or equip Binders and Shapewear.

You can read more about these additions on the latest Sims 4 blog post.

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