The Last of Us returns for Season 2 in 2025

HBO's The Last of Us is returning with new tales in 2025.
The Last of Us HBO

HBO has confirmed The Last of Us will return in 2025, with a new teaser trailer for its upcoming slate of shows revealing the news. The “One to Watch” trailer has become an annual tradition for HBO, with the company typically revealing snippets of what’s to come over the next year in a flashy hype reel.

Other returning shows included in this announcement are House of the Dragon, The White Lotus and Euphoria, and HBO also revealed first looks at original titles including The Penguin (spinning out of The Batman), Welcome to Derry (an IT prequel), and True Detective: Night Country.

The Last of Us puts in only a brief appearance, but with confirmation of a release window, fans of the franchise now have much to look forward to. Now that the dual writer’s and actor’s strikes are over, production on the show’s upcoming Season 2 can now continue.

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The Last of Us Season 2 is likely to continue on the tracks laid out by its excellent first season, which follows apocalypse survivors Ellie and Joel as they journey across the United States, searching for a means to cure the world from a zombie-like virus.

So far, not much is known about the upcoming season, but it’s expected to adapt some of The Last of Us Part 2, a video game that featured devastating events, complex characters, and a whole lot of trouble for Ellie. While the upcoming season may not completely follow the plot of the games, as there is a significant time gap between Part 1 and Part 2 that seemingly won’t be represented in the seasonal gap, we do expect to see Part 2 characters like Abby make their first appearances here.

Whatever the case, the next season of The Last of Us will be one to watch out for. After a few years of misses, the first season of The Last of Us managed to turn the conversations about video game adaptations around, providing new hope for the future. Should Season 2 continue to be as well-written and well-acted as its predecessor, there’s plenty to look forward to.

When The Last of Us returns for Season 2 in 2025, you’ll be able to catch the show streaming on Max in the United States, and on Binge in Australia.

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