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The Callisto Protocol gets ‘final chapter’ DLC in June 2023

The Callisto Protocol is wrapping up in June, with a 'final chapter' story DLC.
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The Callisto Protocol is set to wrap up its final story threads on 27 June 2023, with the launch of its ‘heart-pounding final chapter’, known as the Final Transmission DLC. It’s expected to conclude the bloody tale of protagonist Jacob Lee, who winds up stranded on the deadly moon of Callisto in the game’s main campaign.

Lee will again feature in this DLC, as he seemingly uncovers a new, hulking life form in the bowels of Black Iron Prison. So far, Striking Distance Studios has remained tight-lipped about the contents of the Final Transmission, with only scant clues available in the DLC’s teaser trailer.

When it was initially announced, as part of the game’s season pass, the DLC promised to allow players to ‘dig deeper into the horrifying secrets of The Callisto Protocol.’

On launch, the final chapter will be available for everyone who purchased the game’s season pass, and it will likely also be available as a standalone download. It’ll arrive on PlayStation first, on 27 June, before a wider release on PC and Xbox on 29 June.

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Given the wording of the announcement, it appears this story-based chapter will be the last DLC made available for The Callisto Protocol. Despite high ambitions ahead of launch, the game has allegedly not sold as well as projected, halting any larger plans.

As of early 2023, the game had reportedly sold just 2 million copies, short of the desired 5 million target by a significant margin. Widely varied reviews likely contributed to these figures, as well as the game’s rocky launch on PC.

In the GamesHub review of The Callisto Protocol, we called it a game ‘suspended between new ideas and familiar rhythms’:

‘There’s a solid game at the heart of Black Iron Prison, but every opportunity the game gets to subvert expectations or do something new is instead a moment of deferral to one of Callisto’s many inspirations. It’s nice to see Callisto try to be a new brew, synthesised from many parts, but an entirely new vision would have stuck around in the bloodstream a little longer.’

Those keen to spend more time with the game will get the chance when its Final Transmission DLC launches on 27 June 2023 for PlayStation consoles, and on 29 June 2023 for PC and Xbox.

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