Tekken 8 locks in Eddy Gordo as first major DLC fighter

Eddy Gordo arrives in Tekken 8 sometime in Spring 2024 [Northern Hemisphere].
tekken 8 eddy gordo season pass

A new trailer for Tekken 8 has revealed the incoming arrival of capoeira master Eddy Gordo, the first DLC fighter set to be added to the game’s fighting roster post-launch. As detailed, Eddy will arrive sometime in Spring 2024 [Northern Hemisphere] and will be followed by three more DLC fighters later in the year.

For now, not much is known about Eddy’s appearance in the game, although it does appear he’ll retain his classic fighting style and movement for Tekken 8. A brief clip in the latest trailer for the game has showed off the motion capture used to bring Eddy to life, while also revealing a fresh redesign.

In his latest appearance, Eddy will rock shorter locs, and an outfit that seemingly combines elements from all of his past looks – there’s a hint of Tekken 7‘s leopardskin jacket, as well as a bodysuit reminiscent of his earliest costume.

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You can briefly see Eddy in action below:

For now, Bandai Namco Entertainment has stayed tight-lipped about the characters set to follow Eddy as the Tekken 8 Season 1 Pass kicks off – although we may already have some clues as to what to expect. Per GameRant, a listing on the German version of the PlayStation Network recently suggested that Eddy Gordo will be joined by Armor King, Roger, and a new character known as Xiao Meng, in future.

For now, this cohort remains the subject of rumour – but with Eddy confirmed, we could soon see reveals for the other characters seemingly leaked in late 2023.

Until these reveals, there’s plenty to look forward to, with Tekken 8 already boasting a hearty roster of new and returning characters. Each will get their time to shine before Bandai Namco Entertainment unleashes a new flood of fighters to join their ranks, and shake up the in-game power balance.

Tekken 8 launches for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC on 26 January 2024.

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