Stardew Valley update 1.6 reportedly nearing release

Stardew Valley creator Eric Barone has confirmed the game's next major update is nearly ready.
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Eric Barone, aka ConcernedApe, has revealed the next major Stardew Valley update is nearing release, and will officially launch in 2024. Update 1.6 was previously revealed as a smaller addition, including changes to dialogue and new tools and items, but it appears to have blown out considerably since these initial plans – to the point where Barone has encouraged players to start the entire game again, to see the full scope of changes.

“1.6 ended up being a little larger in scope than originally planned,” he said in an update on Twitter / X. “I’m done adding major new content to it now, though, and it’s in a bug-fixing and polishing phase until it’s ready for release. Thx for your patience. It’ll be fun to see everyone play it!”

In responses to comments on Twitter / X, he further stated update 1.6 was “about adding more to the old stuff in the game, with a lot of little things” that players will uncover slowly throughout a new playthrough.

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“It’ll be fine to play on an old save, but I’d probably recommend a new save just to experience everything in context, otherwise you’ll unlock a bunch of stuff right away when you load up your old save,” Barone said.

For now, Barone has yet to detail everything included in the Stardew Valley 1.6 update, although a features list posted in late 2023 did reveal the following inclusions:

  • A new major festival
  • Two new mini festivals
  • New late-game content, which expands on each of the skill areas
  • New items and crafting recipes
  • Joja alternatives to some of the end-game quests
  • 100+ new lines of dialogue
  • Winter outfits for the villagers
  • New type of reward for completing billboard requests
  • (PC) Support for 8 player multiplayer
  • Many small additions and adjustments
  • New farm type
  • New secrets & more

In addition, Barone has teased the arrival of a new iridium scythe tool which should make it easier to harvest grass, wheat, and other grains.

Whatever arrives in update 1.6, it will likely be worthwhile revisiting the game – particularly for anyone tempted to start over again. With near-endless replayability, Stardew Valley is a game that is consistently rewarding, and with new content arriving shortly, it appears there’ll be plenty of reasons to dive back into life on the farm.

Stay tuned for a firm release date for the latest game update, or keep up to date with progress on the ConcernedApe Twitter / X.

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