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Sons of the Forest will get AI companion improvements

Sons of the Forest companions Kelvin and Virginia will get AI upgrades in a future game update.
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Sons of the Forest developer Endnight Games has revealed big plans for the horror-survival adventure, with new early access updates set to improve gameplay, and provide AI companions Kelvin and Virginia with additional smarts. While that’s bad news for players who enjoy Kelvin’s empty-headed ‘himbo‘ nature, it should provide new opportunities for players to thwart roaming enemies, and stay alive in the wilds of the forest.

‘We have big plans to keep adding tasks Kelvin can complete,’ Endnight said in a recent community Q&A, as transcribed by PC Gamer. ‘Some ideas in progress are having are having him help construct a wall around your base, or fortify/repair the base when needed.’

As for Virginia, the multi-limbed mutant woman, she will also get an upgrade in future. ‘For Virginia, we plan to add more to her A.I. particularly giving her more bravery if she has a weapon, and also depending on how many mutants/cannibals she has killed,’ Endnight said.

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Both companions will become more valuable to survival in harsh terrain, and should prove hardy against the game’s existing threats, and new enemies set to launch in future. According to Endnight, these threats will grow to include fresh cannibal camps, and a whole new enemy type.

In addition, the developer has confirmed new cutscenes and story will be added to the game shortly, alongside new internal tools to protect players from griefing on public servers. To prevent this further, Endnight is currently working on dedicated servers ‘in the background’. While a release date has not been shared, they do appear to be a priority for the studio.

Going forward, Endnight will continue to improve Sons of the Forest with plenty of new content planned as the game continues to evolve in early access. For now, the latest update has not been dated, but players can look forward to hearing more from Endnight in the coming weeks.

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