Samsung Galaxy S24 series includes wild AI features, and focus on gaming performance

The new Samsung Galaxy S24s boast wild new lifestyle and gaming-oriented features.
samsung galaxy s24 ai gaming

Samsung has officially unveiled its next generation of mobile phones: the Samsung Galaxy S24 series, which introduces a vast array of new AI-powered features, alongside a fresh focus on gaming. During a recent preview event, GamesHub was able to get hands-on with the upcoming devices, and found plenty of reason to sit up and pay attention.

As demonstrated by Samsung representatives, many of the flagship features of this phone generation revolve around AI – specifically, AI enhancements for existing mobile features. While it’s easy to be cynical about the technology, given its recent deployment has threatened creator copyright and the stability of global jobs, the features included in the Samsung Galaxy S24 series appear significantly less sinister.

For one thing, new AI tech can be used to better manipulate photos taken via the mobile camera. Using the onboard Galaxy AI, you can improve shots on the S24s by enlarging certain elements, filling in extra detail around the edges using AI generation, or touching up faces. This feature was demonstrated to GamesHub in real time – and it looked very impressive in action, with AI adding in new environmental features (a stretch of ocean, a lamp) and other tweaks with great accuracy. It should make taking great photos much simpler, and save you time when a shot doesn’t quite turn out right.

samsung galaxy s24 phones
Image: Samsung

AI is also included in two other major phone features: the S24 series will now allow real-time translations for international phone calls with Live Translate – the AI will translate direct input, and allow you to hear responses in your native language – and AI is also deployed in a new feature known as Circle to Search.

This mode, which is accessed with a button press-and-hold, allows you to circle any image on your screen (on the web, in your photos, on apps) and then search for the object via Google. As detailed by Samsung, this includes items of clothing you may covet, as well as buildings, or scenery. So if you’ve ever spotted a particular mountain range or cafe you’d like to visit, this mode certainly seems like it’ll come in handy.

Elsewhere, Samsung also confirmed the S24 series will have a major focus on gaming, delivering strong performance for a range of mobile titles, which will also be supported by native ray tracing. Samsung is currently working with a range of gaming companies to enhance their titles for the S24 series, and these partners will be revealed shortly.

In a hands-on preview of mobile FPS game Arena Breakout, the S24 Ultra proved to be more than capable of sleek, smooth gaming, even hooked up to a 4K TV. Despite the size blowout, the mobile retained bright, crisp colours and strong performance with zero latency, suggesting it will be a reliable companion for portable mobile gaming in native or hybrid form.

While our time with the Samsung Galaxy S24 series was limited, we came away from our preview event feeling optimistic about the new releases, and their integration of new performance-focused features. With genuinely helpful AI features on board, particularly new Circle to Search functionality, the upcoming S24 range is one to watch.

Samsung Galaxy S24: Australian Price and Availability

samsung galaxy s24 features
Image: GamesHub

As revealed, the Samsung Galaxy S24 series will encompass a variety of phones with multiple colourways, performance levels, and storage capacity. Here’s the full breakdown of the pricing for each model in Australia.

Samsung Galaxy S24

The phone will be available in Onyx Black, Marble Grey, Cobalt Violet, Amber Yellow, Sapphire Blue, Jade Green, and Sandstone Orange.

  • 256GB – AUD $1,399
  • 512GB – AUD $1,599

Samsung Galaxy S24+

The phone will be available in Onyx Black, Marble Grey, Cobalt Violet, Amber Yellow, Sapphire Blue, Jade Green, and Sandstone Orange.

  • 256GB – AUD $1,699
  • 512GB – AUD $1,899

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

The phone will be available in Titanium Black, Grey, Violet, Yellow, Blue, Green, and Orange.

  • 256GB – AUD $2,199
  • 512GB – AUD $2,399
  • 1TB – AUD $2,799

The Samsung Galaxy S24 series will be available to preorder from today, 18 January 2024. The phones will officially launch on 7 February 2024.

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