Saber Interactive confirms Toxic Commando and other games still in development

Saber Interactive is still working on a number of games, despite splitting from original owner, Embracer Group.
Jurassic Park Survival

Saber Interactive COO Tim Willits has taken to social media to reassure keen players that work on a “number of titles” continues at the studio, despite its recent split from Embracer Group. While the wording suggests work on some projects may have ceased, we now know a handful that remain in active development.

“I have received a lot of questions concerning the status of some of our previously announced projects now that Saber has separated from Embracer,” Willits said on Twitter / X. “I’m happy to confirm we’re still working on a number of titles, including Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2, John Carpenter’s Toxic Commando, and Jurassic Park: Survival. We’re so excited about these titles and can’t wait to share more with everyone soon.”

Notably, the long-gestating Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic remake, which was announced in 2021, was not specifically mentioned by Willits. The status of the project remains unclear, with ample rumours suggesting work may be paused or ceased over quality concerns.

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Regardless of this assumption, it does appear Saber Interactive will be kept busy in life, post-Embracer. As part of its split, Embracer Group maintained support and publishing rights for at least 14 Saber Interactive games – presumably including Toxic Commando, Jurassic Park: Survival and Space Marine 2 – so we can assume work on these upcoming games will continue steadily.

For now, the full extent of changes stemming from Saber Interactive’s split with Embracer Group has not been made clear, but we’re likely to learn more in the coming months. Likewise, we also expect to hear more about other projects in development at Saber Interactive, including the Knights of Old Republic remake.

While Embracer Group and Saber Interactive have stayed quiet about work on the game, the cacophony about its status is growing louder. A future update is likely to reveal more about the project, and whether or not it remains in development. Stay tuned for more.

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