Rune Factory 6 has been announced, alongside Project Dragon

Marvelous Games has announced two new entries in the beloved Rune Factory series.
marvelous game showcase

Two new Rune Factory games are in development at Marvelous: the highly-anticipated Rune Factory 6, and an additional spin-off known as Project Dragon.

During the recent Marvelous Game Showcase, the majority of attention was given to Project Dragon, which appears to be a darker game compared to other entries in the magical farming franchise. A first-look trailer revealed giant dragons hurtling through stormy skies, ridden by heroes in gorgeous cloaks.

It also revealed an idyllic farming world (of course), skybound traversal, monster battles, and a seeming ability to swap between two playable protagonists. The game is set in the mysterious ‘Eastern Lands’, a locale that has yet to be explored in the Rune Factory franchise, and will feature a ‘Japanese-style aesthetic’ described as ‘completely new to the series.’

‘We’re going to deliver an experience unique from the main series while expanding on familiar elements, such as your day-to-day life, adventuring, and romantic pursuits,’ franchise director Shiro Maekawa said. ‘With the protagonist being an Earthmate [those with a special connection to the Earth], dragons will be important to the story somehow.’

You can check out footage from this game below, starting at the 19:45 mark:

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The major reveal for Project Dragon was accompanied by a brief teaser for Rune Factory 6, the next mainline game in the long-running Story of Seasons spin-off. Very little was revealed about the adventure, beyond its in-development status, and a logo which featured a heavenly city.

‘The adventure will take place on the western continent of Adonea,’ Maekawa said. ‘With Project Dragon set in the east, and Rune Factory 6 set in the west, we’re taking this series to unexplored territory.’

Marvelous has promised more information as both games continue development. Neither currently has a release date, or confirmed platforms.

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