Reigns: Beyond is coming to PC and Nintendo Switch

Reigns: Beyond is branching out to new platforms, following a period of Apple Arcade exclusivity.
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Former Apple Arcade exclusive Reigns: Beyond is officially making the leap to PC and Nintendo Switch in Spring 2024 [Northern Hemisphere]. The news was announced during the Women-Led Games Showcase, a livestreamed event designed to celebrate games created by women-led or women-majority teams.

For those who haven’t yet played through Reigns: Beyond, there’s really no excuse now. First released in 2020, Reigns: Beyond is a follow-on from the original Reigns games which transports players into the shoes of an intergalactic band.

While the setting is a dramatic shift from the previous high fantasy focus, Reigns: Beyond maintains the binary choice-based gameplay of its predecessors, with the action guided by players making yes or no decisions as they chart a course across multiple planets.

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Another shift for Reigns: Beyond is that it’s far less linear than other Reigns games, with its journey across the stars coming with multiple exploration options, and multiple paths leading to unique outcomes. In your various journeys, you’ll need to make tougher decisions, while also keeping an eye on your ship’s health, and your crew.

There’s layers of complications in your trip through the galaxy, but with enough finesse, and learning from dead-end runs, you’ll eventually forge a starry course through space, setting the world alight with your band’s musical talents.

You can look forward to the game landing on Nintendo Switch and PC later in 2024.

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