Remedy’s Condor is a multiplayer game set in the Oldest House

Remedy Entertainment has revealed more about Condor in its latest financial report.
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Remedy Entertainment has revealed more about its upcoming multiplayer live service game Condor in its latest financial report, outlining its core plot, and ties to the Remedy Connected Universe (RCU). There’s plenty to analyse with this reveal, which gives the clearest picture of what exactly Condor is.

As detailed, Condor is a multiplayer spin-off from Control which sees players embodying Federal Bureau of Control (FBC) agents who are trapped inside the mysterious Oldest House, the strange skyscraper that serves as the main quarters of the FBC.

Here’s the official plot description of Condor, per Remedy:

“After the Hiss Invasion, the Oldest House is under lockdown: a boiling pot of volatile and dangerous supernatural forces. Trapped within is the last vestige of the Federal Bureau of Control who will need to take a stand and push back to regain control. Desperate times require desperate measures. And everyone’s needed.

The Control franchise is larger than one story, or one character. With codename Condor, we invite players on a collective journey into the depths of the Oldest House. Within, they’ll face overwhelming enemies and obstacles, but by relying on their gear and each other, they will have a chance for survival.”

The game will be a paid title, and will be available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PC. At this stage, no release date has been revealed, as it’s still in the “production readiness stage.”

As for the newly-revealed image of the game, there is a very intriguing tidbit included in its lower half. Four FBC soldiers in various bits of armour can be seen relaxing and polishing weapons in the image, and one is drinking coffee delivered in an “Oh Deer Diner” thermos – an item which hails from the Alan Wake universe.

While nothing is confirmed, it does appear Condor will continue to interweave the stories of Control and Alan Wake. For those keen to learn more about the Oldest House and the lore of the RCU, Condor looks like it’ll be an essential title. Stay tuned for more on the upcoming game.

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