A new Pokemon Presents will air in February 2023

Here's everything you can expect in the latest Pokemon Presents, set to air on Pokemon Day.
pokemon presents pokemon day february 2024

Pokemon Presents is set to return on 27 February 2023, kicking off the annual Pokemon Day celebrations in style. Notably, the day marks the anniversary of the Pokemon Red and Green launches in Japan – and this could provide hints at what’s to come for the beloved franchise.

As many have noted, the teaser video for the upcoming showcase features the pixel silhouettes of the original Pokemon lineup, alongside a music track that featured heavily in the Game Boy and Game Boy Advance era of Pokemon.

Couple these hints with the recent launch of a native Game Boy and Game Boy Advance emulator for Nintendo Switch, and this teaser could be for highly-anticipated ports of classic adventures including Red, Green, and Blue – or even the Sapphire, Ruby and Emerald generations of Pokemon.

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Some have also spotted copyright information pertaining to developer Spike Chunsoft in the trailer. This studio has helmed the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon spin-off for several years, and its inclusion in the Presents trailer could hint at a potential sequel for the series, or another remaster for Nintendo Switch.

For now, we don’t know exactly what the latest Pokemon Presents has in store – but regardless, it should be well worth tuning in for.

How to watch the Pokemon Presents in February 2023

The latest Pokemon Presents showcase will air on The Official Pokemon YouTube channel on 27 February 2023 at 6:00 am PST. Here’s how those timezones work out around the world:

  • Australia – 1:00 am AEDT | 12:30 am ACDT (28 February) | 10:00 pm ACDT (27 February)
  • United States – 6:00 am PST | 9:00 am PST (27 February)
  • United Kingdom – 3:00 pm CET (27 February)

Stay tuned for the latest news from the Pokemon Presents, and all the other celebrations from Pokemon Day.

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