PlayStation Plus Essential games for November 2023 revealed

The latest titles for PlayStation Plus Essential subscribers have been revealed.
dragon ball the breakers playstation plus

The latest free games for PlayStation Plus Essential subscribers have been revealed, with three very different adventures on offer from 7 November 2023. The headliner here is Mafia 2: Definitive Edition, an action-adventure exploring the golden age of gangster criminals, but the other two inclusions – Aliens: Fireteam Elite and Dragon Ball: The Breakers are worthy in their own right.

Aliens: Fireteam Elite is a solid multiplayer team-based shooter set within the cinematic Aliens universe. In the game, you are en elite soldier attempting to survive skirmishes against aliens hiding in ancient ruins and caves on the mysterious planet, LV-895. While Alien game adaptations have had a rocky history, Fireteam Elite is a pretty nifty game, and explores the core horror of the original film series well. With the game now hitting PlayStation Plus, there will likely be a fresh injection of new players to take with you in your fight.

Dragon Ball: The Breakers is a fun choice for inclusion. This asymmetric 7v1 game adapts the classic Dragon Ball franchise with a rare horror twist. You are an ordinary citizen in this game world, attempting to escape a villainous Raider (Cell, Frieza, or Buu) by harnessing the special abilities of Dragon Ball heroes like Goku. It’s a novel idea, and one seemingly inspired by the success of Dead by Daylight.

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While it didn’t achieve the critical success of Dead by Daylight at launch – likely a combination of release timing, its odd theme, and strong competition in the multiplayer survival genre – its launch on PlayStation Plus may breathe new life into the game.

As with all free PlayStation Plus Essential games, each title will be claimable for an entire month, with the games remaining accessible for as long as a PlayStation Plus subscription is active.

This month, there’s also two additional perks for PlayStation Plus members of all tiers. For one thing, subscribers will be able to get a 15% discount on all content available via Sony Pictures Core in November 2023. In addition, the newly-launched streaming series Silent Hill: Ascension will be available to Deluxe subscribers early, with all weekly episodes available 24 hours early.

For now, October’s free PlayStation Plus Essential games – The Callisto Protocol, Farming Simulator 22 and Weird West – are still available to claim, but they will be replaced with this newly-announced wave shortly.

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