Palworld is getting four new Pals in latest update

Palworld is officially getting a new update in Summer [Northern Hemisphere].
palworld new pals

Creature catching adventure game Palworld is getting four new Pals to catch and befriend in Summer 2024 [Northern Hemisphere], per a new trailer released during the latest ID@Xbox showcase. While this trailer was only brief, it gave a glimpse at each of the new Pals, while also showing off cherry blossom-filled scenery.

The names for each of the Pals was not shared, but that leaves ample room for some fun descriptions.

The first Pal revealed is a blobby frog wearing a grey karate gi, and carrying a leafy stick. The second Pal revealed is a fancy bird that looks somewhere between a chicken and a peacock. It’s got a giant crest of feathers on its head, and a neat red cloak that gives it an air of royalty. Based on a brief glimpse at its abilities, it can cause earthquakes and disturb rock formations.

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The third Pal rocks a giant hat and cloak, and appears to float using some sort of psychic powers.

The final Pal, and perhaps the best one, is a sort of dino-shroom. This Pal resembles a silly little dinosaur with a kind smile, but it also wears a mushroom as a hat, and it’s got a mushroom tail. Unfortunately, one of these does get set on fire in Palworld‘s latest trailer – but that’s the nature of the game.


Per a brief update from Pocketpair, these four new Pals are just the first wave of new additions in Palworld. In future, players can expect plenty more Pals, as well as new areas to explore, and other new features to keep the game fresh – including a PvP mode, releasing later this year.

We’ll likely hear more from Pocketpair in future, so stay tuned for the latest game updates.

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