Palworld early access roadmap revealed by Pocketpair

Here's everything players can expect from Palworld in the coming months.
palworld game pocketpair

Palworld developer Pocketpair has revealed the roadmap for the newly-released game, detailing what players can expect as the title continues to develop in early access. As revealed, it appears Pocketpair will spend some time on polish to begin with, as a vast influx of players has caused a range of unanticipated issues for the game and its stability.

“Sales have far exceeded the development team’s expectations, and we are currently experiencing many problems due to excessive access congestion, among other challenges,” Pocketpair revealed. “We will prioritise improving this issue first, and then move on to implementing new in-game features.”

Critical issues identified by Pocketpair include a need to address “numerous bugs” including rollbacks to the world date, and a persistent loading screen. Improvements identified for the future also include tweaks for the game’s AI system and pathing.

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As for the ‘fun stuff’, Pocketpair has teased a range of features set to arrive in the game in future updates, including PvP gameplay, PvP Pal Arenas, new end-game Raid Bosses, crossplay between Steam and Xbox, feature improvements on Xbox, server transfers and migrations, and improvements to the game’s building system.

Pocketpair has also promised plenty of new Pals to befriend and train, new islands to explore, new bosses, and new technologies to develop.

While these features are likely a bit further away than critical fixes, given Pocketpair is now working on accounting for millions more players that it expected on launch, it does appear there’s plenty in the works for those keen to expand their journey in Palworld.

Pocketpair will continue to provide updates for the game over the coming weeks and months – so if you’re keen to learn more about the future of Palworld, it’s best to stay tuned to social media.

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