The Witcher: Season 5 will conclude the Netflix series

The Witcher's fifth season will officially be its last.
witcher netflix season 5

Netflix has announced good news and bad news for fans of its Witcher adaptation. The good news is the show will get its fifth season, and it will be filmed back-to-back with the fourth season. The bad news is the fifth season will be the final chapter in Geralt’s Netflix adventures.

According to Netflix, the final two seasons will span the breadth of Andrzej Sapkowski’s fantasy novels, and “complete the adaptation.” That means we can expect the events of Baptism of Fire, The Tower of the Swallow, and Lady of the Lake to be covered, in some form.

Notably, the next two seasons of the show will also see Liam Hemsworth stepping into the role of Geralt, replacing Henry Cavill for the final chapters of the Witcher journey. We’ve yet to see a first look at Hemsworth as Geralt, and Netflix has stayed quiet about how the transition will be handled.

In the context of The Witcher, there’s possibility for a magical explanation – but the easiest answer will likely be to ignore the change entirely.

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At this stage, not much is known about exactly what’s next for Netflix’s The Witcher. Production has now started on the show’s fourth and fifth seasons, and we’ll likely get a firm look at proceedings in the months ahead.

So far, Netflix has provided a brief glimpse at a non-costume table read for the show, and teased a “fitting conclusion” for the adventure. It has also announced Laurence Fishburne will join the cast, as fan-favourite character Regis.

With Hemsworth taking on the role of Geralt, it’s likely the upcoming seasons of The Witcher will be slightly different, compared to their predecessors. But with such a strong supporting cast, there’s still plenty of reasons to stay keen for the future of the show.

At this stage, there is no indication of when the next seasons of The Witcher will release on Netflix, but given the timing and production requirements, we’re likely looking at 2025. With the next two seasons filming back-to-back, we can, at least, expect a shorter wait between these chapters.

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