Mojang ends development on Minecraft Legends

The Minecraft Legends team is taking a "step back" from development.
Minecraft Legends mojang development

Nine months on from launch, Mojang has announced the end of development for Minecraft Legends, its action-strategy spin-off adventure. While the game had been receiving consistent updates, bringing new modes and events in 2023, these will now cease as development enters maintenance mode.

The game will remain playable for everyone, with Lost Legends challenges, PvP and co-op modes retaining full functionality. Technical support will also remain available to players, ensuring Minecraft Legends continues in its current form.

“Since launch, we’ve listened to community feedback and implemented a series of changes and tweaks to make the game better. With that complete, we’re now going to take a step back from development,” Cristina Anderca, Senior Creative Writer at Mojang Studios said in a blog post.

“While we won’t be releasing any new content (i.e. updates, Lost Legends, or Marketplace DLC) for Minecraft Legends, the fun doesn’t stop here. We’ll continue having a blast playing the game alongside our community because those rowdy piglins are showing no signs of slowing down.”

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As a final “thank you” to players, Mojang has released the Bright-Eyed Hero skin, which is now claimable on the Minecraft Legends Marketplace. It will be the final piece of new content released for the game, as Mojang refocuses on the future of Minecraft.

“Thank you for following along this heroic journey and helping us make Minecraft Legends the game it is today,” Anderca said. “With the support of our team, our partners, and the Minecraft community, we’re going to continue exploring the types of games we’re passionate about and bringing new experiences to the Minecraft universe.”

Minecraft Legends is now the second Minecraft spin-off to end development in recent years, with work on fellow game Minecraft Dungeons ceasing in September 2023. This was in development slightly longer than Legends, at three years, and it reached a natural endpoint after enjoying strong success. Minecraft Legends appears to have concluded its run with slightly less closure.

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