Meta Connect 2022: Every major announcement at the show

Here's everything announced at Meta Connect 2022, including details on the Meta Quest Pro.
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At Meta Connect 2022, a range of announcements were shared about the future of Meta – with the company revealing new studio acquisitions, game release dates, and even details about the upcoming (and long-rumoured) Meta Quest Pro VR device.

Those keen to jump into VR – or anyone who’s already invested in the technology – will likely be excited by the raft of reveals, which also included news on Marvel’s Iron Man VR, Among Us VR, and Resident Evil VR.

Here’s everything announced during Meta Connect 2022.

Meta has acquired Armature Studio, Camoflaj Team and Twisted Pixel

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Image: Camoflaj Team

At Meta Connect 2022, three studios were announced to be joining Meta, including Armature Studio (Resident Evil 4 VR), Camoflaj Team (Marvel’s Iron Man VR, Republique) and Twisted Pixel (Path of the Warrior). Each studio has an award-winning background in VR gaming, and will likely work on new projects for Meta in future. While these were not announced during the show, Meta teased a grand reveal in future.

As a result of these acquisitions, Marvel’s Iron Man VR will be coming to Meta Quest 2 on 3 November 2022. It was previously a PSVR-exclusive title.

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Xbox Cloud Gaming is coming to Meta Quest

During Meta Connect 2022, it was also announced that Xbox Cloud Gaming will launch on Meta Quest devices in its beta phase. This won’t automatically make all games VR – instead, players will be able to connect an Xbox controller to their headset, and stream console games to their Meta headset in a ‘2D cinema’ view.

Among Us VR, The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Chapter 2: Retribution get release dates

meta connect 2022 among us vr
Image: Schell Games, Innersloth

Among Us VR, currently in development at Schell Games and Innersloth, has finally been dated. The game will launch for Meta Quest 2 and Steam VR on 10 November 2022, allowing players to live out their imposter dreams with friends online. The game is played in first person, unlike its original, top-down counterpart, with players able to sneak around their spaceship in a whole new fashion.

The game will cost US $9.99 at launch.

Also dated during Meta Connect 2022 was The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Chapter 2: Retribution, the follow-up to one of the best VR games made yet. The next chapter will launch on 1 December 2022, and will invite players to romp through a deadly version of New Orleans plagued by a new, ‘bloodthirsty’ threat.

Following this announcement, it was revealed that Saints & Sinners developer Skydance Interactive will launch another VR game in future, known as Behemoth. This game will take you to a grim and icy world, where you must fight to survive the ravages of a cold wilderness.

During Meta Connect 2022, it was also revealed that:

  • Population: One, a VR battle royale game released in 2020, is getting user-generated content, so players can create their own battle royale simulations.
  • NBC’s Peacock streaming service will launch on Meta Quest in select regions in future.
  • The Meta Quest 2 Active Pack is launching on 25 October 2022 – this pack includes physical wrist straps and knuckle straps for more immersive play in fitness-based games.
  • Meta Horizon avatars are finally getting legs, following backlash about graphics and the uncanny valley. Meta Horizon Workrooms was also announced – this will allow people to collaborate in a virtual ‘work’ environment.

The Meta Quest Pro arrives on 25 October 2022, will cost US $1,499.99

After months of rumours, Meta has officially announced the Meta Quest Pro, the latest iteration of its excellent Meta Quest series. This device is lighter, features more advanced tracking and movement, and also includes newly designed controllers.

While the Quest Pro does pack in more pixels, more RAM, and better tech than its predecessors, you will need to fork out for the privilege of owning one – it will cost US $1,499.99 (AU $2,449.99) at launch. It’s certainly not an entry-level device, and the price will likely turn many away.

Regardless, it looks like an exciting leap for VR, and should help usher in a new era for the tech. More details about the upcoming headset are available on the Meta hub.

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