Classic PS1 game MediEvil likely set for PlayStation Plus

New trophies for MediEvil have been discovered, suggesting its arrival on PlayStation Plus.
medievil playstation plus

Classic PlayStation game MediEvil looks set to join the PlayStation Plus Classics library sometime in the future, based on the discovery of new trophy information for the game. As discovered by PSNProfiles, a new list of trophies recently appeared for the game, separate from those relating to the 2019 MediEvil remake.

These trophies chart the full course of the original MediEvil, and include achievements like collecting all the Chalices, defeating the Stained Glass Demon, collecting 2,500 coins, and finishing any level without taking damage. There’s also special trophies for defeating enemies with particular weapons, and one for discovering a secret wall.

Typically, a trophy list like this precedes a classic game being added to the PlayStation Plus Premium and Deluxe game offerings, so we can expect to see movement on that front. Already, the PlayStation Plus Classics lineup includes MediEvil‘s first remake – MediEvil: Resurrection, for PlayStation Portable – but nothing quite beats the original game. (Resurrection also made very odd choices in its depictions of certain characters and stereotypes.)

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At this stage, Sony is yet to confirm the next Game Catalog lineup for PlayStation Plus in April 2024, but an update is likely on the way. MediEvil may not immediately join the roster of games available for download and play, but given its trophy list is now available, we can expect more news in the near future.

For those keen to jump the gun and play MediEvil on a modern console early, there is actually a way to do this without the use of PlayStation Plus. When MediEvil was remade in 2019, this version of the game came with a hidden secret: if you travel through the remake and collect all 19 Lost Souls (new collectibles introduced in this version of the game) you’ll be able to unlock the option to play MediEvil (PS1) from the title screen.

While the Lost Souls take some time to discover, they’re certainly worth the effort. There’s also a bunch of guides running around that will help you reach your goal. If that sounds like a bit too much investment, you’ll have to wait to see what PlayStation Plus has in store for April 2024.

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