Marvel’s What If…? is getting an exclusive Apple Vision Pro game

Marvel and ILM Immersive are working on an interactive story experience set in the world of What If...?
what if marvel video game

Marvel’s multiverse-charting TV series What If…? is set to get an immersive narrative game exclusively for Apple Vision Pro, sporting “choose your own adventure” mechanics for multiple story outcomes. In the game, players will make certain choices that split the adventure, allowing them to experiment with the Marvel timeline, and meet new variations of characters.

“Throughout your journey in this immersive story, you will come face-to-face with Multiversal variants of your favourite characters, learn the mystic arts, and be tasked with harnessing the power of the Infinity Stones,” the game’s description reads. “Time, space, and reality are more than a linear path…”

Based on the promo image for the game, the plot will feature a range of intriguing Marvel variant characters: a young version of Hela who wields Mjolnir, a Captain Marvel who’s part of the Nova Corps, an Invisible Man-like character, and an alternative version of the Scarlet Witch, aka Wanda Maximoff.

This chapter is in development at ILM Immersive, which is a leg of Lucasfilm dedicated to interactive storytelling and new narrative mediums. Previously, it developed Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge for Meta Quest and PlayStation VR2, as well as Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series, and Avengers: Damage Control, a location-based VR experience.

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While What If…? An Immersive Story does seem to be more like an interactive animated TV show – a bit like Netflix’s Black Mirror: Bandersnatch – ILM Immersive’s history also suggests greater elements of interactivity, particularly with the VR element coming into play.

There is a big catch to this experience, however. As mentioned, What If…? An Immersive Story is exclusive to the Apple Vision Pro, and it will likely remain exclusive for some time. So far, the headset has lacked a real “killer” application to entice people to adopt it, and this game appears to be part of a push to improve the mainstream appeal of the device.

Having said that, the Apple Vision Pro is currently priced at USD $3,499 and is only available in select regions – so the game won’t really be all that accessible. So far, reactions to the game announcement have only underlined that cost of entry, with plenty of responses on social media indicating frustration that this What If…? tale will be exclusive to those who spend thousands on Apple’s latest headset.

Stay tuned for more news and a release date for What If…? An Immersive Story.

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