Let’s Build a Zoo: Aquarium Odyssey gets release date

Let's Build a Zoo is expanding with a new aquatic zoo filled with sea creatures.
let's build a zoo aquarium dlc

The latest expansion for Springloaded’s park sim Let’s Build a Zoo has been dated for release on 17 August 2023. When Aquarium Odyssey launches, players will be able to establish a brand new zoo with a focus on aquatic creatures, building out seven new habitats and introducing 50+ new creatures, all of which can be hybridised.

For those unfamiliar, Let’s Build a Zoo allows you to run your very own zoo filled with creatures of all kinds. You’ll need to take care of your creatures by monitoring nutrition and providing objects for play, while also increasing your park visitor numbers and profits, and making a variety of moral or immoral decisions along the way.

As you advance the status of your zoo, you’ll eventually earn research points which can be used to unlock new enclosures, items, shops, and developments, including a DNA Splicer. Using the game’s unique ‘hybrid’ mechanics, you can pair animals together to create wild variants, like a snake-rabbit or a croco-duck.

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With the inclusion of brand new sea creatures and a range of enclosures, items, and decorations to build up a fresh zoo, Aquarium Odyssey will also introduce the ability to create hybrid sea creatures, which should be a blast.

An early preview for the upcoming DLC, which is large enough to be considered a fully-fledged sequel, given it introduces an entirely new zoo style and research goals, has revealed a look at some of the creatures to expect in the expansion – like lobsters, clownfish, squids, cuttlefish, eels, sunfish, starfish, urchins, and more.

As detailed by Springloaded, there will also be a hearty array of new shops in this expansion, including Squid Ink Pasta vendors, as well as plenty of new decorations and other facilities to make your new aquarium-zoo feel alive. As with the prior Dinosaur Island DLC, Aquarium Odyssey will also introduce a new story campaign, quests, choices, and new in-game events.

Let’s Build a Zoo: Aquarium Odyssey launches for PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch on 17 August 2023.

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