Kingdom Come: Deliverance II has officially been announced

Kingdom Come: Deliverance II is set to be a direct sequel to the 2018 RPG hit.
Kingdom Come: Deliverance II

Six years after the release of its predecessor, the long-suspected Kingdom Come: Deliverance II has finally been announced by developer Warhorse Studios. The sequel is set to continue the story of Henry of Skalitz as he searches for his purpose in the sprawling world of 15th Century Bohemia.

With Warhorse Studios reporting five hours worth of stunning cinematics, a sizeable cast of complex characters and an array of activities that flavour the world outside of regular questing – including archery, blacksmithing, and more – the world of Kingdom Come: Deliverance II looks set to well and truly satisfy fans of the original.

The visuals alone are a notable step-up from the first game, with stunning landscapes and detailed features that demonstrate how far the team have come. Just as Kingdom Come Deliverance was recognised for its realism, the single-player action-adventure sequel looks set to continue that commitment to authenticity.

The game is set to feature intense real time battles, with first person combat that feels authentic and deadly. After all, the medieval world is brutal – and you’ll be able to experience it yourself as Henry, with options to fight with swords, blunt weapons and ranged attacks.

Plus, Kingdom Come Deliverance II is set to once again feature the musical stylings of head composer Jan Valta. Even in just the preview, the richness of the chorals blends smoothly with the brass – accented by a harp that makes it feel era-appropriate.

In good news for those of us who aren’t particularly patient, Kingdom Come: Deliverance II is set to release later this year on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance II Trailer

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