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Samurai Punk announces insect shooter, Killbug

Samurai Punk has officially announced its latest game: a fast-paced insect shooter.
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Remember classic PC adventure game Bugdom, where you spend your time wandering a miniature wilderness, helpless as giant fire ants run after your magical keys? Imagine that, but now you have a gun, and also you’re bug John Wick. That appears to be the premise of Samurai Punk’s latest video game, Killbug.

The Melbourne-based studio has released the first official trailer for the project, revealing fleshy gun-toting mayhem, and one talented mantis assassin.

In this first-person shooter, you are Killbug, an insect set on revenge after being forced into exile by bug management. Revenge is on the cards, and it’s your job to grab it by running and gunning your way through a variety of plant-filled environments.

Here’s the game’s official description, per Steam:

‘Welcome, Killbug, to the underbelly of the insect realm, where the skittering masses are caught in an endless battle for dominance. You threatened them with your power. They clipped your wings and forced you into exile, but it was not enough to sate their hatred. A ravenous ambush awaits, and they want you dead.’

‘Blade and barrel hungry for blood. Thirsty for the sweet nectar of revenge. You will make them suffer, and from carapace to thorax, they will know pain.’

Quick wits, and the use of dashing, double jumping, sword melee attacks, and frantic gunning seem to be necessary in order to survive the action of Killbug, with your titular hero able to deploy a wide array of moves to take down bug hordes as they advance.

The experience is tied together by a retro PC FPS look, which simplifies the insect world to blocky, bright textures, and classic, flashy explosions. You’ll be able to explore the game’s arenas in endless fashion as you work to nab the highest kill score, and survive long enough to achieve bloody victory.

Killbug launches on PC via Steam on 4 May 2023.

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