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Kadomon: Hyper Auto Battlers gets early access launch in March 2024

Kadomon: Hyper Auto Battlers is the first game from Adelaide-based studio, Dino Rocket.
kadomon hyper auto battlers

Monster-catching roguelike Kadomon: Hyper Auto Battlers has locked in a Steam Early Access launch for 25 March 2024, following years of development. Players can already jump into the game’s prologue chapter to experience its moreish, unique gameplay loop, with the full release expanding on the range of Kadomon you can encounter and train.

Notably, Kadomon is the debut game from Dino Rocket, a small Australian studio based in Adelaide. It was featured at SAGE 2024, and had quite the crowd around it, thanks to its lively and colourful monster designs, and its approachable gameplay style.

In Kadomon, your ultimate goal is to build a team of monsters, evolve their skills and abilities, and then take on bosses in tough battles. You’ll find unique and quirky beasts in your travels through various regions, filling out a “Kadodex” and finding the best synergies for your monsters.

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During the game’s early access release window, players will be able to meet and fight around 180 Kadomon, with more to come throughout 2024. Dino Rocket expects the game to be in early access for around 12 months, as new Kadomon, items, events, field effects, modes, and mechanics are added.

“I’m so excited for the community to jump into the creature-collecting world of Kadomon with the early access launch,” Patrick Sigley of Dino Rocket said.

“My ambition for the game has always been to bring elements and ideas that players love into a compelling new monster-battling experience, and the community’s love and support for the game with the Prologue and previous playable demos has already been incredible.”

Those keen to check out Kadomon: Hyper Auto Battlers during its early access window can learn more about the game on Steam.

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