Jackbox Naughty Pack adds ‘spice’ and ‘dirty fun’

Jackbox is getting racy with its latest mini-game pack.
jackbox naughty pack

Jackbox Games has revealed the Jackbox Naughty Pack during the ID@Xbox showcase, in a new trailer promising a bit of spice and romance for adults. The first trailer for the upcoming pack was brief and filled with innuendo, but the game’s description reveals much more about what to expect from the first “Mature 17+” rated Jackbox game.

“Dim the lights and charge up your devices (you know which ones) because here comes Jackbox Naughty Pack, an intimate pack of three games that are sure to have you laughing and maybe even sweating just a little, coming out later this year,” Jackbox Games revealed.

There will be more details arriving in Summer 2024 [Northern Hemisphere] likely around Summer Game Fest time, but in the meantime, Jackbox has teased a pack “full of spicy surprises and maybe even some familiar faces.”

“We heard what some of you were doing with our games. And we thought, sure, why not?”

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As hinted by Jackbox in its press release, the Jackbox games have always been fairly racy. While they are freeform and don’t necessarily require lewdness, games played between adults are often packed with innuendo, spice, and all too many poorly-drawn genitals.

Jackbox Games has chosen to lean into those proclivities with the new Naughty Pack, introducing three new games designed specifically for adults, seemingly with “intimate” gameplay. It’s unclear for now whether the Naughty Pack is pitched at couples or rowdy groups – it will depend on the kind of intimacy presented, and the potential for awkwardness – but we’re set to learn much more about the game in future, and these questions are likely to be quickly answered.

For now, it appears those looking for a license to get weirder during Jackbox sessions are set to have the perfect excuse in the Naughty Pack. Stay tuned to learn more about the upcoming game.

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