Hello Kitty Island Adventure gets furniture customisation, new festival, and more

Hello Kitty Island Adventure is getting cosy with its fourth major update.
hello kitty island adventure update four

Hello Kitty Island Adventure Update 1.4 is now live, bringing a range of new activities, collectibles, and quests for players. The flagship feature here is furniture customisation, with players now able to mix and match furniture colours and patterns to create new, more personalised decor – but it’s not the only addition arriving in the latest update.

When you’re not working towards styling your home and visitor cabins, you’ll also be able to spend time collecting new winter-themed fashions via the daily reward calendar, or devote time to exploring the new Luck & Lanterns Festival. This celebration kicks off on 19 January 2024 and will last until 1 March 2024, with each day bringing the opportunity to collect special dragon pearls and exchange them for rewards including furniture and clothing.

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There will also be a new main story chapter introduced in Update 1.4, with this focusing on the Spirit of Friendship. As the quest progresses, players will work towards healing the Spirit by “reminding her of all the wonderful forms friendship can take.” Big Challenges will play a big part of this journey, as will Badtz-maru and Pompompurin.

Beyond these additions, the next Hello Kitty Island Adventure update will also bring a significant quality of life tweak to gameplay: players should now have “enough time each day to hang out with friends, decorate cabins, change up their style and snap some pics.”

Here’s the full rundown of new features in Hello Kitty Island Adventure Update 1.4, courtesy of Sunblink:

  • Furniture Customisation – Players will now be able to change the look of certain pieces of furniture. Mix and match these new, more granular options to freshen up cabin decor.
  • Frosty Fashion Frenzy – Now through January 19, players can collect wintery variations of popular outfits in their daily rewards calendar. All you have to do is log in and claim your prize!
  • Luck & Lanterns Festival – It’s a new year and the Luck & Lanterns Celebration is here! From January 19 to March 1, gather dragon pearls for special rewards such as furniture and clothing for some Lunar New Year-inspired fun!
  • Quality-of-Life Updates – Several changes have been implemented to ensure players have enough time each day to hang out with friends, decorate cabins, change up their style and snap some pics!
  • Exciting New Main Story Chapter – The Spirit of Friendship Island has been left alone too long! Players must help her heal from her old hurt by reminding her of all the wonderful forms friendship can take. Big Challenges is especially impatient to help the Island Spirit, so be sure to keep him occupied with Badtz-maru, Pompompurin, and others.
  • And More! – Stay tuned for more updates and features in 2024.

The latest Hello Kitty Island Adventure update is now live.

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