Helldivers 2 devs working on hotfixes for matchmaking and crashes

Helldivers 2 is out now – although there are some early teething issues for players.
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Squad shooter Helldivers 2 is out now for PlayStation 5 and PC – although not every player is having a smooth entry into its world of intergalactic alien battles. Since launch, the game has reportedly been having trouble with slow matchmaking as well as hard crashes, with some players being booted from gameplay.

If you’ve experienced this trouble, there is at least good news: developer Arrowhead Game Studios has confirmed work on a variety of patches to improve various launch day issues. The first batch of fixes has been released today, and it appears matchmaking is set to be much smoother going forward.

“I’m happy to say we’ve now improved matchmaking and the most frequent crashes,” Mikael Eriksson, Game Director said on Twitter / X. “We’ve made a patch, and are about to start playing alongside you to check it works as intended.”

“If it’s a success, we’ll trigger a hotfix and get it out to the Steam community first, then roll it out to PS5 players as quickly as we can. Thank you – seriously – for your patience. We really want you all to have a blast playing this game. Bear with us, we’re almost there.”

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So far, launch day issues have led to the game earning a mixed rating on Steam, although much of the negativity surrounds the aforementioned issues, and the game’s implementation of anti-cheat software on PC. Beyond these, players have praised its gameplay, combat, bug-killing loop, and how it follows on from the original Helldivers.

“I thought I was going to be disappointed by this game (especially after reading the reviews), I was wrong,” user BlueTycronus wrote. “It is exactly what I wanted. For me, this game feels good and is a good successor to the original game. Gameplay loop is strong so far.”

“The gameplay itself is extremely fun and challenging depending on your difficulty, with quite a lot of replayability with friends,” user Gamu said. “And hopefully the hiccups here and there that the game has get ironed out pretty quickly with early patches.”

That sentiment appears to be carried throughout early reviews, with many players and critics noting fun gameplay is only somewhat hidden by early launch challenges. As these are ironed out, the experience is likely to become much smoother – so stay tuned to the social channels of Arrowhead Game Studios for more updates.

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