Hatsune Miku’s latest MTG: Secret Lair drop includes a potent Commander

Here's all the cards included in the "Summer" edition of the Hatsune Miku x MTG: Secret Lair crossover.
hatsune miku mtg secret lair

The second wave of Hatsune Miku x Magic: The Gathering crossover cards have been revealed, with six new Miku-starring cards to integrate into your decks, or build around. In the case of one card, you might even like to consider building a Commander Deck, as a five-colour mana Commander is nothing to sniff at.

The new Hatsune Miku cards in the upcoming Secret Lair Summer Superdrop are:

  • Miku, Child of Song (Child of Alara)
  • Diabolic Tutor
  • Chord of Calling
  • Song of Creation
  • Sol Ring
  • Thespian’s Stage

They’re all good in their own way – Sol Ring is an essential part of any deck, and Song of Creation will maximise your opportunities to play lands – but it’s Miku, Child of Song that’s drawn our eye.

Miku, Child of Song: MTG Commander

Miku, Child of Song is a reskin of Child of Alara – a five-colour mana card which features a light-powered cosmic baby. It’s got Trample, which is a neat way to cause some damage, but it’s the second part of its abilities that will cause the most impact.

Should Miku, Child of Song / Child of Alara die, all nonland permanents also die.

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Essentially, a cosmic explosion wipes the entire battlefield – so if you’ve got friends who enjoy amassing creatures of all sorts, using deck synergies to generate armies you can’t possibly hope to defeat, this Hatsune Miku card will certainly come in handy.

You’ll need some patience to play Miku, Child of Song, as you need all five mana colours to play the card to the battlefield – but once it’s played, other players need to watch out. The other cards in the set are fun inclusions, but it’s this potential Commander that feels the most essential.

For those who aren’t quite convinced of the Hatsune Miku x MTG crossover just yet, never fear – there are two more releases for this series on the way, each comprising six new cards. And if Hatsune Miku isn’t your flavour, Wizards of the Coast is also cooking a range of other crossover collaborations in the coming months – Assassin’s Creed is getting an MTG set shortly, and Final Fantasy and Marvel crossovers are also on the way.

Those keen to grab the new Hatsune Miku-starring Secret Lair drop will be able to preorder the set from 24 June 2024 on the Secret Lair website.

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