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Forspoken will get PC and PS5 patches to address performance

Forspoken will get performance improvements in a future patch, according to Luminous Productions.
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Luminous Productions is currently working on a major patch to address Forspoken performance issues on PC and PS5, according to a new update. While several patches have already been made available to fix player complaints of stuttering and frame rate slowdown, reports indicate these have not addressed the main issues with gameplay.

Patch 1.02, released in early February, reportedly left performance issues untouched, while the recently-launched Patch 1.03 only tackled a handful of bugs. In the wake of overwhelming feedback, Luminous Productions has now promised more improvements are on the way.

‘We’ve been listening to all your feedback and are hard at work on an upcoming patch that will include improvements to overall performance, graphics, playability, and general updates and fixes to the game content across PS5 and various PC hardware configurations,’ the studio said.

‘We are committed to making Forspoken the most enjoyable experience possible and will provide an update about the timing of the next patch as soon as possible. We appreciate your continued support and patience.’

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While these issues were certainly noticeable in the GamesHub playthrough of Forspoken – multiple enemy types on screen at once caused slow down – they do not render the game unplayable, by any means.

Problems appear to vary by player, with some reporting severe issues with ray tracing and other bugs, but the general consensus is that Forspoken could do with some refinement to clear up overall performance.

‘Please tell me some optimisations are still cooking. The game deserves to run better,’ Steam user Mentle wrote in a large thread responding to a recent Luminous Productions update.

‘Please, we want a fix for better Raytracing Performance or Frame generation,’ another said.

Texture streaming, VRAM issues, and crashes on some PCs were also cited as issues worth addressing in future. For now, it appears Luminous Productions will work towards addressing these complaints with a much larger patch set to be launched for the game in the near future. If you’re awaiting a fix to dive in, stay tuned for more information.

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