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Former GTA boss reveals AAA game within ‘Everywhere’ metaverse

Everywhere is new GTA Online-style multiplayer space where you can shoot, drive, and create. It will also house another AAA game, reportedly.
MindsEye Everwhere Build A Rocket Boy

Leslie Benzies, the former president of Rockstar North, served as a key designer and producer throughout the industry-defining 3D era of Grand Theft Auto games, from GTA3 to GTA5, and everything in between. In the years since his tumultuous departure from Rockstar Games, his new studio, Build a Rocket Boy, has seemingly been working on something impossibly ambitious with Everywhere.

Described as a shared online multiplayer space where players can engage in third-person gunplay, racing, and custom creation in several different areas, Everywhere seems like it’s trying to capture the look and feel of Grand Theft Auto Online, while fusing it with creative elements of Minecraft, Roblox, Dreams, and now Fortnite.


As detailed in a lengthy preview on VGC, it is not related to blockchain, crypto, or Web3, as previous speculation might have suggested.

But the big news is that Build a Rocket Boy has announced that they’re working on another game – a third-person action game called MindsEye that will only be playable within Everywhere.

VGC‘s Chris Scullion reports that the studio regards themselves as ‘making two AAA products, not one’, which encapsulates both the online spaces of Everywhere, as well as the experience of MindsEye.

The trailer for MindsEye depicts a sci-fi thriller narrative, as well as high-octane shooting and driving. It will reportedly be released in chapters, each with a different theme (VGC suggests the first would focus on single-player gameplay, and the second ‘may’ be more multiplayer focused), and that the overall experience would be longer than ‘a couple hours’, with Build a Rocket Boy staff suggesting that it would be a ‘proper length’ adventure.


Another key takeaway is that the assets from MindsEye would also be made available for players in Everywhere to use for their own custom games and stages. Players can also create their own assets, both static and programmable, and share them with the wider community

In terms of monetisation, Everywhere was described as being ‘both Premium and Free-to-Play’, with Scullion noting multiple types of currencies in menus. All of this is likely still up in the air, of course, but Benzies was quoted as saying ‘We’re fundamentally opposed to pay to win, but pay to look cool is probably more like it.’

Describing Everywhere as ‘ambitious’ is probably an understatement. The VGC preview is well worth a read if you’re interested in some of the more finer details.

Everywhere is planned to be released sometime in 2023.

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