Eternal Strands is a new fantasy game from BioWare and Ubisoft veterans

Eternal Strands is the debut project from Yellow Brick Games.
eternal strands game

Yellow Brick Games has revealed a first look at Eternal Strands, an upcoming fantasy adventure set to release for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S in 2025. It’s the debut game from the studio, which was founded by former Dragon Age creative director Mike Laidlaw in 2020.

Laidlaw is the chief creative officer behind the project, and he’s joined by a range of other AAA games industry veterans, including former Ubisoft talents: Thomas Giroux, Frédéric St-Laurent B., and Jeff Skalski. Past work on titles including Dragon Age, Assassin’s Creed Syndicate and Watch Dogs informed the direction and scope of Eternal Strands, which looks very intriguing in its first trailer.

As detailed by IGN, the game is partially inspired by Shadow of the Colossus and Monster Hunter, with players tackling an array of towering bosses within a sweeping fantasy journey. In your adventure, you are Brynn, a powerful Weaver who is one of the last remaining users of magic. Brynn travels with a group of magic users known as the Weaverband, and must work alongside them to defeat monsters and restore peace in her world.

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According to Yellow Brick Games, the title will attempt a new sense of realism with mechanics including cold chills, heat spread, and real-time destruction that will make each battle feel high-staked and reactive. You’ll be able to climb enemies as you fight them, with some towering up to 25 metres.

“Fight epic, 25-metres-high climbable creatures known as the Arks, while blending magical abilities with an arsenal of powerful weapons to keep the world from crumbling,” Yellow Brick Games said of Eternal Strands. “Use the environment and extreme weather events to your advantage in battles against a big roster of fantastical creatures.”

When you’re not taking down giant beasts in Eternal Strands, you’ll be able to explore a colourful fantasy world, make friends, and discover new sights. For now, that’s about as much as Yellow Brick Games has revealed of the upcoming adventure, leaving plenty of surprises in store.

As detailed, the game is currently targeting release in 2025. It will be self-published by Yellow Brick Games.

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