E3 2024 and E3 2025 cancelled, claims LA Tourism Board

A notice provided during a meeting of the Los Angeles City Tourism Board of Commissioners allegedly revealed the cancellation.
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The Los Angeles City Tourism Board of Commissioners has claimed upcoming plans for E3 2024 and E3 2025 have been cancelled in Los Angeles, with a graph in a recent meeting (spotted on ResetEra) noting a loss in convention sales due to these cancellations.

Per early plans, E3 was assumed to be returning to Los Angeles in 2024 and 2025, with a renewed show built on the back of E3 2023’s cancellation. Organisers at ReedPop had remained positive about the event’s future, but the increased popularity of Summer Game Fest and alternative digital showcases meant there were plenty of doubts about whether or not E3 would, or could return.

For its part, the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), the US advocate for the local games industry, has denied the claims of the Los Angeles City Tourism Board, telling multiple outlets that E3 2024 and 2025 have not outright been cancelled.

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‘ESA is currently having conversations about E3 2024 (and beyond), and no final decisions about the event have been made at this time,’ the group told VGC and other publications, following reports of the event’s demise.

For now, the future of E3 remains uncertain. It’s possible the alleged cancellation reported by the LA Tourism Board simply pertains to the status of the event in Los Angeles, and that ReedPop will look to other global cities for a refreshed event in the next year. In the past, E3 has also been held Atlanta, Georgia.

Whatever the case, it’s likely we’ll hear more about developments for E3 2024 and E3 2025 in the coming months. While many outlets and commentators claim E3 is now definitively over, it appears ReedPop and the ESA are still pushing ahead in the hopes of reviving the flagship video game showcase.

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