Coral Island 2024 roadmap includes multiplayer, island attractions, and more

Here's what to expect from Coral Island in 2024.
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Stairway Games has released the full 2024 roadmap for Coral Island, revealing a number of features set to arrive in the game shortly. According to the development team, messages on Discord, Reddit, social media, and streams have been analysed thoroughly over the months since launch, with changes and tweaks made to the game plan, as a result.

“We’re committed to fully realising the vision that we’ve had for Coral Island from the very beginning, and to making it the best game that we possibly can,” Starway announced on its website and Kickstarter page. “There are a number of improvements and features, like the Town Rank S questline, the Merfolk storyline, and much more that we are excited to bring to the game with future updates.”

As part of its announcement, it has shared a refreshed roadmap that includes firm details of the title’s v1.1, v1.2, and v1.3 updates. While none are dated, they tease tantalising new features for the future.

coral island game update roadmap 2024
Image: Stairway Games

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As detailed, the game’s v1.1 update will be major, and introduce updates for several questlines and new features. Once it lands, players will be able to explore the new Rank S town questline, build their relationships with the Merfolk, adopt new animals, build attractions in town (including a gym, arcade centre, solar garden, town mural, hot air balloon, ramen shop, heated swimming pool, cinema, mini golf area, and upcycling centre), explore the Savannah, take part in ocean farming and ranching, and much more.

For those who’ve lapsed from playing or reached the end of certain questlines, this update will likely be a major draw.

It will be followed by a smaller, but no less significant update, which will introduce “full featured multiplayer” so players can journey and farm together with friends. The v1.2 update will also include Spooky Festival NPC outfits, and a special Merfolk festival.

Finally, update v1.3 will focus on children, and allow them to grow up in gameplay. Dating mechanics will also be improved, and there will be more “slice of life” cutscenes to make the game cosier and more personal.

For now, Stairway Games has yet to date its new wave of updates, but we’re likely to hear more about them in the coming months. Already, the studio has promised a “deep dive” into new ocean-related content for April 2024, so sit tight to hear more about what’s planned.

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