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Viral game Content Warning has sold 1 million paid copies

Landfall Games has announced a fresh milestone for viral horror game, Content Warning.
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Landfall Games’ Content Warning has reportedly sold one million paid copies, on top of the six million copies given away at launch. In its first 24 hours on sale, Content Warning was offered for free, inviting rafts of players to try it, and/or stream it on social media.

The unique marketing idea paid off, with attention heaped on Content Warning. In its first week, it achieved over 200,000 concurrent players, and it seems this success has been sustained. While it’s no longer free, the interest generated by its launch giveaway has inspired more than one million players to purchase the game, and join friends on trips to capture spooky things on tape.

“Bring out the party poopers! Content Warning has now sold 1M copies on top of the 6.6M players that got the game for free!” Landfall Games announced on Twitter / X. “Thank you all so much for liking our scary Iill game.”

While the launch strategy for Lethal Company was called into question initially, with those six million free copies generating no income for the game’s developer, it appears to have been very worthwhile. Content Warning continues to enjoy success, and has developed a passionate player community online.

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Given Content Warning was only developed by a handful of people, it’s fair to assume the game has also now become profitable, despite the immense giveaway that inspired its success. Hosting a major giveaway is certainly not a recommended strategy for all developers, but it’s safe to say Landfall Games made a clever, informed choice in its approach.

Following the launch of the game, Landfall thanked the players who picked up the game early, calling the release of Content Warning and its subsequent virality a “wild ride.”

“It’s been a real treat watching all of your videos and we are so happy that we’ve managed to create something that makes people have fun together,” Landfall said.

In the same announcement, Landfall also promised to address bugs in the game, with fixes for minor issues and glitches being actively worked on. Given the popularity of the title, we expect that new content and other updates may also be in the works – but we’ll have to stay tuned to see how Content Warning evolves in future.

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