Broken Roads has been delayed to 2024

Broken Roads was initially set to launch in November 2023, but Drop Bear Bytes has announced it needs more time for QA.
Broken Roads from Drop Bear Bytes

Broken Roads, the upcoming Fallout-style RPG from Australian studio Drop Bear Bytes, has been given a last-minute delay to 2024. The game was initially set to release in mid-November 2023, but won’t make its planned launch window due to a need for additional QA and polish.

The move was announced by Drop Bear Bytes on Twitter / X just days before the game was set to go live on Steam and the Xbox Store.

“Since 2019, the Drop Bear Bytes team has been pouring their hearts and souls into Broken Roads, spending countless hours designing, troubleshooting, and adjusting to player feedback,” the team said. “While Broken Roads is still coming, we’ve made the decision to delay the release to allow for additional polish time and QA manpower plus resources to ensure a higher quality bar for the thousands of permutations that can arise.”

“While the game is now content complete, it is also coming in longer than we originally anticipated at ~30 hours of gameplay and nearly 400,000 words of dialogue. As you can imagine, it’s extremely time-consuming to properly test all of these.”

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“This was not an easy decision, however the teams here at Drop Bear Bytes and Versus Evil have decided that to ensure we deliver the highest quality product, it would be best to delay the game’s launch just a bit longer, until early next year.”

Drop Bear Bytes has thanked its fans for their patience in its announcement, sharing that the studio is committed to bringing the best possible experience to players. Over the next few months, it will continue to work on polishing the adventure, with the hopes it will be ready for the public sometime in early 2024.

When the game does finally launch, players can expect a unique take on the isometric RPG formula, as Broken Roads is a choice-based post-apocalyptic romp inspired by the wilds of the Australian bush, and tales like Mad Max. While the date for its release has now shifted, there are still plenty of reasons to keep an eye on the upcoming adventure.

Broken Roads will now launch for PC and Xbox in early 2024.

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