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Bandai Namco’s Blue Protocol delayed to 2024 in the west

Blue Protocol will get a closed beta later in 2023, but has been delayed from its original date.
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Blue Protocol, the upcoming MMORPG from Bandai Namco Online and Amazon Games, has been delayed to 2024 for those in the west. While the game will release in Japan on 14 June 2023, it appears more time is needed for global localisations.

The news was delivered during a Blue Protocol livestream, which revealed more about the upcoming adventure, and the friends you’ll meet on your quest. In the game, you play as a hero with mysterious origins, entering a world where over-reliance on technology has created distortions in space-time that threaten planetary destruction.

As you fight for the future of planet Regnas, you’ll meet new pals and fellow heroes who’ll help you change fate, including:

  • Feste – A ‘quirky, playful girl who has a keen eye for money.’
  • Jake – The ‘self-proclaimed best adventurer in Asterliese and the face of the adventurers.’
  • Aeryn – A woman from the future with high aspirations for race reconciliation.
  • Tyris – The companion of Aeryn, who is ‘willing to make ruthless choices’ in their defence.
  • Millie – An adventurer guide who works at the ‘Development Bureau’.

They’ll form the backbone of your adventure, as you take on the evil forces threatening Regnas solo, or with up to six friends in multiplayer mode.

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Those keen to jump into the game will have to remain patient in the months ahead. Bandai Namco Online has announced there will be a PC closed beta for Western audiences in 2023 – with pre-registrations now open on the Blue Protocol website – but a launch is yet to be detailed.

Everyone keenly awaiting the game’s eventual release will be able to get a glimpse of the action when Blue Protocol launches in Japan but otherwise, expect a wait for more news of its release on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S in other global regions.

Stay tuned to hear more about this upcoming MMORPG.

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