Baldur’s Gate 3 stats reveal Shadowheart is the most romanced companion

In addition, 1.24 million players have been "transformed into a sentient wheel of cheese."
baldur's gate 3 shadowheart romance

A new Baldur’s Gate 3 statistic breakdown from Larian Studios has revealed Shadowheart as the most romanced companion in the game, with 51.3% of players reportedly reaching the final arc of her romance. She’s followed swiftly by Karlach and Lae’zel – which may surprise players who instead romanced Astarion.

He doesn’t feature at all on the list of most popular romances, with the game’s leading women instead being the most popular choices. While social engagement – memes, fancams, fan art, and fan fiction – may suggest otherwise, it appears Shadowheart has managed to unlock the hearts of players worldwide. (Not me though, I failed a roll in the Gauntlet Of Shar and had to duel her to the death – sorry.)

Elsewhere in the statistic breakdown, Larian Studios has also cheekily revealed that 1.24 million players have been transformed into a sentient wheel of cheese, after playing with forces beyond their control. A further 2 million players have survived a dinosaur attack – which should give you an idea of how wild and wonderful Baldur’s Gate 3 can be, if you wander off the beaten track.

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A further 113 million players have spoken to corpses while playing the game – a classic trick for learning key secrets, and in more wholesome news, Scratch the dog has now been pet 48.5 million times.

As revealed by Larian Studios, there is also some rather intriguing trends in gameplay and character creation. While Gale remains the most played “origin” character, followed by Astarion and Karlach, around 94% of all players have chosen to create their own custom character, spending 8,196 collective years in the character creator to do so. When choosing these custom characters, players preferred the Paladin classic, the Berserker subclass, and the Elf race.

Rounding out the stats is something rather intriguing – that only 1.3 million players have actually completed the game so far. Given the sales success and popularity of Baldur’s Gate 3, it’s fair to assume the game has sold far more copies than this statistic suggests, and that with hundreds of hours of gameplay and quests, many players are taking their time, or holding off on actually finishing their long journey. If that’s you, know that you’re not alone.

You can peruse the latest Baldur’s Gate 3 stats breakdown on the official Baldur’s Gate 3 Twitter / X account.

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