Baldur’s Gate 3 introduces mid-game character customisation

The latest Baldur's Gate 3 patch will introduce one much-requested feature.
baldur's gate 3 custom character

Baldur’s Gate 3 developer Larian Studios has confirmed the game’s latest patch – now set to release on 22 September 2023, after a short delay – will introduce the ability for players to change their custom character’s appearance, at any point in the adventure.

The feature has been widely requested since the game launched out of early access in August, as many players regret their appearance choices well into the story, with no recourse for changes. As Larian Studios detailed, this is set to be fixed very shortly, as players will soon have access to regional barber shops.

Once Patch 3 launches, players will be able to visit these special locations and access the Magic Mirror – an object that allows complete customisation of appearance, voice, and pronouns. For mechanical (and practical) reasons, players won’t be able to change their Origin type, race, or body type, but everything else can be tweaked, including hair style, eye colour, and other features.

So, if you’re somebody who’s now several hours into Baldur’s Gate 3 and deeply regretting your character’s style, you’ll be able to jump right in after Patch 3, and fix anything your heart desires.

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As recently announced by Larian, Patch 3 is a whopping addition to the game, and it has required extensive testing and QA. This recently forced a day-long delay, but Larian appears confident that the patch is approaching readiness, and will stick to its planned launch on 22 September.

In addition to adding customisation options for players, the patch will also introduce full support for Baldur’s Gate 3 on Mac devices. While the Mac version of the game was originally expected to launch when the game exited early access on PC, it has seemingly needed some finer tweaks to get it up to scratch.

For anyone getting the chance to jump in on Mac for the first time, we’d highly recommend checking out our early game tips guide for the best start to your adventure. In the meantime, sit tight and wait for more news on the incoming third patch for Baldur’s Gate 3, which is expected to make significant changes to the beloved game.

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