Asus ROG Ally X: Everything you need to know

Here's what we know about the newly-unveiled Asus ROG Ally X.
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Asus has officially revealed the ROG Ally X in full at Computex, giving a meaty glimpse at all the improvements made to the original handheld device. As announced, the flagship improvement is to battery life – the refreshed device sports a larger 80Wh battery that should double capacity for gaming. But there are also a number of other major changes with the ROG Ally X.

As revealed, the console still sports the same AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme processor as its predecessor, but there is now 24GB LPDDR5X-7500 RAM included, which means games should run better, taking advantage of the device’s full performance capacity. There is also a 1TB SSD included with the Ally X, so you’ll be able to store more games.

Other improvements include a redesigned fan to keen the chassis cooler and improve airflow – this should address concerns about microSD cards getting fried – and there are some slight changes to the look and feel of the device’s chassis.

The ROG Ally X comes in black, the handles are now larger for better grip, there’s new joysticks and a redesigned D-pad, the triggers have been improved for better ergonomics, and the buttons at the back are smaller, so you’re not constantly pressing them while you’re holding the device.

In addition, there’s now two USB-C ports on the console, and one is Thunderbolt-compatible.

Is the ROG Ally X worth it?

The new features of the ROG Ally X are designed to address complaints with the original Asus ROG Ally, making it a more refined version of this model. Given these tweaks, those looking for a handheld PC gaming device likely can’t do much better in this current generation.

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I’ve spent the last year using the ROG Ally as my PC gaming companion, and it’s proven to be a fantastic little device, capable of extreme feats that my own (older) gaming PC can’t handle.

“With the Asus ROG Ally, I’ve found an easy, convenient, portable companion that opens up doors for my gaming habits,” I wrote in my long-term review.

The improvements made in the ROG Ally X model seem to address my biggest complaints with the device: that its buttons are slightly sticky (particularly the triggers), and its battery is slim. This feedback has clearly been taken on board with this mid-gen refresh. Based on this, I’m very optimistic about the new device – although it’s best to wait for formal reviews before making your own decision.

As for those who already own an Asus ROG Ally, the topic of making the upgrade is a tough one.

While I believe the battery life improvements are grand, and should aid portability, I typically use my ROG Ally tethered anyway. The button redesigns are the biggest temptation here. With the ROG Ally, the triggers are frequently a pain, and tend to unclench easily (while playing Shadow of Mordor, I was constantly ducking in and out of cover based on pressure sensitivity). With improvements for the triggers, directional pad, and the joysticks, the overall gameplay experience should be significantly improved.

That said, there’s not a whole lot to justify an immediate upgrade for ROG Ally owners – and it’s also worth considering the speed at which this new model arrived. Given the fast-moving pace of the handheld gaming market, we could see another ROG Ally refresh in the next few years. For now, it’s best to stay tuned for more developments.

Asus ROG Ally X: Australian price and release date

As announced, the Asus ROG Ally X will launch in Australia on 22 July 2024. It will cost AUD $1,599 (NZD $1,799 in New Zealand).

Preorders are now open via the Asus E-shop and JB Hi-Fi.

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