Every game coming to Apple Arcade in November 2022

Here's everything you can expect to see on Apple Arcade in November 2022.
old man's journey apple arcade november 2022

Apple Arcade is set to have a solid November 2022, with a small range of hits landing on the subscription platform in the coming weeks. The lineup is led by blockbusters, including a SpongeBob SquarePants spin-off and a mobile version of Football Manager 2023, but there are also two other gems that may shine brighter than the month’s headliners.

As part of the App Store Greats selection, both Battleheart Legacy+ and Old Man’s Journey+ are being added to Apple Arcade.

Battleheart Legacy is an action RPG with a classic blocky art style and combat reminiscent of the PlayStation One era. While it may appear simple on the surface, it’s an adventure with layers of depth, a huge world to explore, and plenty of charm. This was originally a hit on mobile devices, then landed on PC, and now – it’s coming back to mobile.

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Joining it is Old Man’s Journey, a frankly gorgeous narrative that follows an old man on a dialogue-free adventure through various landscapes and towns, with each step along his path dotted by unique environmental puzzles. Old Man’s Journey will absolutely make you cry, but you’ll be a better person for having experienced the tale.

Here’s the full rundown of every game coming to Apple Arcade in November 2022, courtesy of Apple.

Apple Arcade Originals

Football Manager 2023 Touch

Football Manager 2023 Apple Arcade
Image: Sports Interactive

Launch Date: 8 November 2022

‘The global hit Football Manager series joins the Apple Arcade catalogue. Football Manager 2023 Touch is enhanced for mobile, with speedier seasons and a focus on the managerial essentials. Don’t build a team, create a dynasty in this unrivalled football simulation game that brings players closer to every aspect of the Beautiful Game. Experience the closest thing to being a real football club manager by taking charge of the world’s greatest football teams. Players can write their own football story and live out their dreams.’

SpongeBob SolitairePants

Launch Date: 25 November 2022

‘Join SpongeBob in a unique take on solitaire, with three fun game modes. Adventure through Quest mode where each level offers new challenges straight from the depths of Bikini Bottom. Players will be presented with a variety of objectives like building a Krabby Patty or catching Jellyfish — all the while making sure they play their cards correctly.’

Apple App Store Greats

Battleheart Legacy+

Launch Date: 4 November 2022

‘Explore a rich and detailed fantasy world, customise a unique hero, do battle with hordes of enemies, encounter quirky characters, and discover the stories of a trouble realm in Battleheart Legacy+. This action RPG features a refined real-time combat system and a unique multi-classing ability with the option to combine classes, allowing for a nearly limitless number of class combinations. Attack foes through simple taps and unleash special moves at the right moment to turn the tide in incredible boss battles that will test any hero.’

Old Man’s Journey+

old man's journey game Apple Arcade
Image: Broken Rules

Launch Date: 18 November 2022

Old Man’s Journey+ is a soul-searching puzzle adventure about life’s precious moments, broken dreams, and changed plans. Entrenched in a beautifully sun-kissed and handcrafted world, this award-winning game tells a story of life, loss, reconciliation, and hope. Meditatively delightful and reflective, Old Man’s Journey+ invites players to immerse themselves in quiet and inquisitive puzzles, and uncover the stories of the old man’s life told through beautiful vignettes of his memories.’

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