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Cosy dinosaur shop sim Amber Isle gets major re-reveal

Amber Isle is a 'slice of life' cosy game set in a friendly village of dinosaurs.
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Amber Isle was first revealed way back in 2021, with few updates since its early first look – until now. As revealed by Team17, the game now has a new publishing deal, and a plan to release on PC and Nintendo Switch in future. It doesn’t have a firm release date yet, but there’s plenty of reason to anticipate this game’s cool, cosy vibes.

In Amber Isle, you join a cloistered village as a shopkeeper, serving a community of prehistoric dinosaurs by crafting and selling items, and generally promoting peace on the isle. There’s elements of Animal Crossing in its set up, with a variety of quests designed to improve friendship on the island, and improve living circumstances for everyone.

As the only shopkeeper on Amber Isle, you’ll need to serve your dinosaur customers well, crafting items for their needs, while also building up and improving your shop, and ensuring you can make a steady profit. The more you invest in your shop, the more you’ll be able to build – and eventually, you’ll be able to leverage this success to climb the game’s official Shop Rankings.

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Any success in your shop will translate to growth for Amber Isle, allowing you to improve your island surroundings, and unlock new areas to explore. You’ll also be able to decorate your island, and eventually attract new dinosaur visitors.

There’s 48 different “Paleofolk” to befriend in your shopkeeping journey, each with their own desires and needs. They’re all friend-shaped and delightful, so it looks like building these friendships will be an exercise in cuteness. Some Paleofolk will be available to befriend right away, while others will need to be unlocked by improving Amber Isle.

If you’re looking for a cosy new game to add to your roster, then this shopkeeping adventure is one to watch. With new support from Team17 on publishing duties, we’re likely to see much more from Amber Isle in the coming months.

As mentioned, the game does not currently have a firm release date, but we anticipate fresh updates as work continues. Based on its latest re-reveal, there’s plenty to look forward to in future.


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