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Remedy provides update on Alan Wake 2 and announces TV series

Remedy has confirmed a number of new updates for the Alan Wake franchise, including details of a new TV show.
alan wake 2 full production

Remedy has provided a major anniversary update for the Alan Wake franchise, confirming a number of new projects are in the works alongside Alan Wake 2, which got some brand new concept art and fresh release details in a new video. While fans stay patient for more news about the upcoming sequel, it appears it’s not the only Alan Wake project to get excited about in future.

The first bit of news shared by Remedy is that Alan Wake Remastered is coming to Nintendo Switch. Brief footage of Alan travelling through the hills of Bright Falls was shown off in a cheeky video starring Remedy Creative Director Sam Lake, and actors Ilkka Villi and Matthew Porretta, although the game doesn’t have a confirmed release date yet. As Lake made clear, the team is still working on the port, with keen fans encouraged to stay patient.

The second major piece of news shared by Lake is that Alan Wake is officially getting a TV adaptation, courtesy of The Walking Dead network, AMC. Given the network has a history with creepy, zombie-style horror, it feels like a natural fit for the haunted world of Alan Wake.

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Remedy has been trying to get an Alan Wake show off the ground for years but as Sam Lake confirms, AMC has now officially bought the rights for a future adaptation. Remedy has been collaborating with the network on this project, although no further details are known.

The story of Alan Wake is one that’s always felt ripe for adaptation, given its inspiration lies in the spooky horror tales of Stephen King. That said, it may face challenges in finding the right actor for the role. Alan Wake is currently portrayed by two separate actors: Ilkka Villi as his face and motion capture, and Matthew Porretta as his voice.

Both Porretta and Villi are traditionally trained actors, but performing the same hybrid physical and voice acting mix in live action may come off strangely. At this stage, it’s unknown how the casting department will bring Alan’s world to life – or whether Alan’s current actors are involved.

The other big news confirmed during the Alan Wake anniversary stream is that Alan Wake 2 is no longer being shown off in mid-2022 as originally planned.

‘A great deal of the game is playable,’ Lake confirmed in the anniversary video. ‘But we’ve been talking the past couple of months, and we’ve come to a decision that we will not be showing anything big this [winter, Southern Hemisphere].’

According to Lake, the decision was made so that the team could focus on actually working on the game, instead of dedicating time to a one-off demo that may not reflect the final product.

In lieu of a new update, several pieces of fresh concept art were shown off.

Despite lacking a meaty look at Alan Wake 2, the anniversary update video is still very worth watching. Beyond it being a delightful look at how Lake, Villi and Porretta work together, it also contains a number of fascinating tidbits about the Alan Wake franchise, and details about everything fans have to look forward to in future.

Alan Wake 2 is currently set to launch in 2023. Stay tuned for more details about the game, and every other project coming from Remedy.

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