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AEW: Fight Forever gets ‘Teen’ ESRB rating for exposed buttocks

AEW: Fight Forever has formally been rated by the ESRB in the United States.
aew fight forever release date

AEW: Fight Forever has finally been rated by the US Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB), bringing the game one step closer to launch. According to a recent report from Wrestle Zone, the game’s delay from 2022 was a direct result of a ratings issue – and given this now appears to be resolved, we may hear of a release date shortly.

While the T for Teen rating doesn’t reveal much about the game, it does suggest it will be more violent than its WWE 2K competition. The rating flags: ‘Blood, Language, Mild Suggestive Themes, Use of Alcohol and Tobacco, and Violence’ as themes in the game.

Notably, there are also references to ‘exposed buttocks’ and ‘deep cleavage’ in the descriptive listing which details the weapons, violence, and the outfits of AEW’s women wrestlers.

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Here’s the full description, per the ESRB:

‘This is a wrestling game in which players compete in matches with wrestlers from the AEW roster. Players use punches, kicks, and grappling maneuvers to drain their opponents’ health. In some match types (e.g., Barbed Wire, Stadium Stampede, Unsanctioned) players can use barbed wired, baseball bats, metal chairs, and Molotov cocktails against opponents, eventually resulting in submission and/or knock outs.’

‘Blood-splatter effects can occur during matches, staining the mats; video footage of real matches also depicts blood on wrestlers’ faces and bodies. The game contains some mildly suggestive material: female wrestlers in revealing outfits (e.g., deep cleavage, bunny outfits, partially exposed buttocks); wrestlers performing taunting gestures (e.g., crotch chop, slapping buttocks). Real footage sometimes depicts wrestlers drinking alcohol and smoking. The word “sh*t” is heard in the game.’

From the details provided, we can assume AEW: Fight Forever will be an accurate depiction of the real-life action of weekly Dynamite and Rampage shows. AEW has rarely shied away from depicting blood, or being mildly suggestive, and this will be reflected in Fight Forever.

While the appearance of deadly weapons like molotov cocktails is strange, these weapons are likely to spice up the grappling action, and make weapons-based matches a bit more scary. The barbed wired baseball bat in particular is an icon of the wrestling scene – and it should make for a handy, terrifying companion.

We’ll likely learn more about AEW: Fight Forever in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for more news on this upcoming game.

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