FF16 Hunt Board Guide – Ruin Reawakened Location – Final Fantasy 16

A helping hand to track down the sound of a roar in one of Final Fantasy 16's bounty hunts.
Final Fantasy 16 Hunt Board Guide Rain Reawakened Location Svarog

One of the most enjoyable and challenging activities in Final Fantasy 16 is the Hunt Board, where you’re tasked with tracking down unique enemies across Valesthea, and taking them down for significant profit. While most of FF16 is pretty straightforward, Hunts require you to read clues, and then scour the map to find what you’re looking for. With each bounty, you’re usually given a general idea of where to look, but the S-Tier Hunts, like Ruin Reawakend, give you fewer hints, and are a little tougher.

Final Fantasy 16 – ‘Ruin Reawakened’ Hunt Description

The second S-Tier bill you’ll come across in the game is called ‘Ruin Reawakened’, which follows ‘The Breaker of Worlds.’ It reads:

‘Sanbrequois legend tells of a dread dragon who set near half the realm alight with his torrid breath, before being sealed away behind a magical mist – by Greagor Herself, some sources claim. Though it has long been forgotten which parts of the tale are true and which are mere myth, recent reports of a great dragon’s roar reverberating around the woodland passes of the empire are real enough’. The location provided is: ???

Image: GamesHub via Square Enix

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Final Fantasy 16 – ‘Ruin Reawakened’ Hunt Location

The clues to this hunt are arguably even vaguer than the first S-Tier Hunt, The Breaker of Worlds. If you decide to search for this hunt yourself you’ll need to keep your eyes peeled for landmarks, and rely on your instincts.

The key terms in this bill are ‘Sanbrequois‘ and ‘empire‘, as well as ‘woodland passes‘.

Naturally, we can throw ‘Sambrequois’ and ’empire’ together to assume the location is in the region of The Holy Empire of Sanbreque, which is situated in the top right of the world map.

But the next phrase, ‘woodland passes’… well that could be anywhere!

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What you’ll need to look out for are parts of the map that are forest-like, and dense with trees. There a few areas that match this description, and if your journey was anything like ours, scouring all of them will probably result in the very last place you look being the the right place. So to save you some headache, here’s a map:

The purple marker is where Svarog, ‘Ruin Reawakened’, is located. Image: GamesHub via Square Enix

The Ruin Reawakened bounty is located at the end of the Mornebrume woodland pass, which is right by Caer Norvent, one of the first major locations of the game. Simply fast-travel to the Caer Norvent Glourieuse Gate, and it’s a short jog to where you need to be.

The beast you’ll have to take down is Svarog, an absolutely enormous, towering dragon that dwarfs Clive, with immense fire-breathing attacks and a very chunky health bar. He’s a Level 50 beast, so let’s be real – you’ll likely need to wait until you’re close to finishing the game before you try to take it on.

Good luck!

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