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The orc king Pandemonium is one of the late-game S-Rank hunt board bounties in Final Fantasy 16. Here's where you can find him.
Final Fantasy 16 FF16 Hunt Board Guide The Masterless Marauder Location

If you’re reading this, congratulations on making it to what will likely be your final hunt board quest in Final Fantasy 16, for a bill labelled The Masterless Marauder. As you well know by now, S-Tier hunts in FF16 come with scant clues to guide you in tracking down the location of your targets, and this last one is probably the vaguest of them all. But thankfully, it’s also the easiest to get to.

Final Fantasy 16 – ‘The Masterless Marauder’ Hunt Description

This is the fifth and final S-Tier bill you’ll come across in the game, following ‘The Breaker of Worlds‘, ‘Ruin Reawakened‘, ‘The Tricephalic Terror‘, and ‘Pandemonium‘. The bounty notice for The Masterless Marauder reads:

‘The Waloeder army captured such beasts and tried to train them to serve, but this particular specimen’s training has long since ceased. Whether its captors turned Akashic with the rest of their comrades or were eaten by their pet when it broke free from its bonds, we shall never know. All we do know is that there is none left alive who knows the words to put an end to its rampage–only a show of force will suffice.’ The location provided is: ???

Final Fantasy 16 - 'The Masterless Marauder' Hunt Description
Image: GamesHub via Square Enix

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Final Fantasy 16 – ‘The Masterless Marauder’ Hunt Location

Like Pandemonium before it, this S-Rank hunt is quite daunting at first, because you’re given a single term to pinpoint the location: ‘Waloeder’.

That, of course, places the target in the nation of Waloed, which is the final location in the game. The continent itself is regularly referred to by its name as well: Ash.

It’s an absolutely huge area to comb for a single target. That is, unless you start from the end of the trail.

The monster in question is actually quite conveniently located right by the final fast travel obelisk in the entire game, which sits in Vidargraes. Refer to the map below:

Final Fantasy 16 - 'The Masterless Marauder' Hunt Location
The marker is where ‘The Masterless Marauder’, Behemoth King, is located. Image: GamesHub via Square Enix

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The final bounty of Final Fantasy 16 is Behemoth King, a Level 47 Behemoth. There are only three of theses in the whole game – one other is part of an endgame side quest, and you’ll remember that one also appeared as part of the main story to almost put Clive and his companion in their graves.

Like the others, Behemoth King specialises in quick, damaging swipe combos and physical charges, while also completely littering the battlefield with explosive fire, lightning, and comets which you’ll have to really stay on your toes to dodge.

While his attack patterns will be familiar, if you do have trouble taking him down, you can at least take solace in that you’ll respawn very close by, to take the chore out of trying once more.

You can do it!

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