FF16 – The Breaker of Worlds Guide – Final Fantasy 16 Hunt Board Location

Some of the bounty hunts in Final Fantasy 16 require a bit more exploring than usual.
Final Fantasy 16 Hunt Board Guide The Breaker of Worlds Location Atlas

The Hunt Board in Final Fantasy 16 is one of the game’s best activities, if you ask me. Whereas most of the game is pretty straightforward in regards to where you need to go and the path you take to get there, the Hunt Board forces you to consider the map and actually explore its nooks and crannies, in order to find unique, challenging beasts to take down. With each bounty, you’re usually given a general idea of where to look, but the S-Tier Hunts, like The Breaker of Worlds, give you fewer clues, and are a little tougher.

Final Fantasy 16 – ‘The Breaker of Worlds’ Hunt Description

The first S-Tier bill you’ll come across in the game is called ‘The Breaker of Worlds’. It reads:

‘Urgent notice to all Cursebreakers: due to the discovery of a Fallen giant in the Rosariun ruins we have lately been investigating, all work in the region is to be halted with immediate effect, and all members are to proceed no further than the village gate, lest the echo should be awakened by our presence. No further action may be taken without Cid’s express permission’. The location provided is: ???

Image: GamesHub via Square Enix

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Final Fantasy 16 – ‘The Breaker of Worlds’ Hunt Location

So, there are a few clues to be derived from this one. The first is the mention of ‘Fallen’ and ‘ruins’ in the same sentence, which points to Fallen ruins. If you haven’t been paying attention to the story up to this point, Fallen Ruins are those white, angelic-looking structures that dot the natural landscape, sometimes sticking up high above the ground.

And though the location is specifically mentioned in this particular hunt bill, the fact that the ruins are described as the ‘Rosarian Ruins’ places the point of interest in, you guessed it, Rosaria – that’s the top left region of your world map.

The second clue is a mention of a ‘village gate’. Now, there are few villages you’ll visit in Rosaria – Martha’s Gate, Eastpol, etc. but most are inhabited by villagers, and probably not where a monstrous creature is lying in wait.

You may also remember coming across an abandoned village earlier on in one of your quests – Cressida. That’s where you’re heading.

Take a look at your Local Map, and you should be able to find Cressida labeled on the eastern side of the region. It’s best to head there (the most convenient fast-travel point is in Martha’s Rest) on your chocobo, since there’ll be several mobs of enemies on the way. Once you enter Cressida from its sole entry point, you’ll be required to leave your Chocobo behind, and do the rest on foot.

The marker is where Atlas, ‘The Breaker of Worlds’, is located. Image: GamesHub via Square Enix

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Head to the conveniently-sized arena at the back of the village, and you’ll stumble across your mark: Atlas.

Atlas is a Level 40 giant with a massive attack range. It’ll likely be 10 or more levels above you when you first see the Hunt Bill for it, and you may need to wait until later in the game to tackle him. That said, if you’re very confident in your dodging abilities, it is possible to take him out.

For those who’ve been paying attention to Final Fantasy 16’s pre-release marketing campaign, the game’s main director and combat director actually revealed the location for this hunt in a pre-launch live stream, and showed that he can, in fact, be taken down.

You can watch a video of the route to the hunt location, which begins at Martha’s Rest.

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